Twitter remove this ability not so long ago and together with Facebook are trying to improve the quality of websites. That’s way Facebook is eliminating a channel that has been abused to post false news and fake links. To find more info about clickbaits, follow our recent article here.

This is a great news for the common users and for social media marketer as well. Now you have a great opportunity to show your potential and to get out of the crowd with excellent presence of your websites.

Social media marketer has been changing the image because the one generated automatically did not suit the purpose of the message. For the same reason, they change the headlines to looks catchy or add more details to the description. That won’t be available anymore, however, you still can control the link preview, but you need to go deeper, pay more attention and set Open Graph Tags (OGTags) correctly.

So called OG tags use Facebook to identify the title, description, and preview image for your content. The only way how to ensure posting pretty and rich content is to build your OGtags correctly. I have found a tiny but comprehensive guide how to do so.

Nevertheless, Facebook cancels a link preview edits, the result will be positive. People will be more confident about Facebook-shared links which could result in greater efficiency. This change may have a positive impact on a reach. You can track this with our reach report.