Name: Tomáš Holetz
Position: Social Media Manager
Brand: O2 Slovakia

Who are you?

As the social media manager at O2 Slovakia I’m responsible for content and customer care across social media. My role includes working with a team of 12 agents in conjunction with our tool (ZoomSphere!), two creative agencies (Triad Advertising and Elite Solutions), a media-buying agency (B2B Group), and all other O2 Slovakia departments. We are a young, fresh and bold company – my role is to let the Facebook community know all about it!

What is the goal of your social media strategy?

We create and maintain the relationship between us and our fans. From our point of view social media is a mirror of what O2 Slovakia really is. We don’t push our products or services, instead the content is a mix of who O2 customers are and what they are experiencing in their lives. The focus is to support loyalty and customer care. We work to be relevant and relatable to our audience. This year we started with a specific communication strategy well known from abroad caled corporate social responsibility (CSR). A company’s CSR is not about giving money or supporting charity activities, it’s about civic and social responsibility. This means creating and influencing environment with large impact on our business. OC not only a privilege, but a must-do task. This is why we support several third-party activities such as refugee causes or ‘fair play’ in Slovak ice hockey. We believe, that everyone can create a better world and we want to share this message from O2 Slovakia.

How many people in your team?

We have a core team of 12 professionals, but the number oscillates depending on the season and special events.

O2 Slovakia - ZoomSphere
What social tactics are working for your business?

I can write a 1600 page book about tactics for social media and not one rule will work for everyone! We try and keep it simple – we do what is needed and how we like it. We are bold and we have fun with our customers and fans. Be open, don’t push, talk to your customers.

How are your customers using social media when they interact with your business?

Using the statistics ZoomSphere provides we saw our customer numbers peaking between 12:00 and 15:00, then later in the evening. It has taken a couple of years but our customers are now using social media channels to handle everything they need. Inquiries that used to be managed via phone or e-mail can now be managed using social platform apps. As for their experience, they don’t see any difference between the various channels as we handle all the communication from one central point.

What was your most successful content and why?

Our number one this year was a CSR project where we openly supported a small family business in Slovakia. This was really rewarding for us as a team because it meant we could harness our extensive resources to connect and help a small business in our country.

This post from O2’s CSR campaign generated a total of 3934 LIkes, 4395 Interactions, and a Reach of 181 273 people.

Do you have any favourite tips or tricks around social media to share?

Never forget that you are talking to real people in a real time and they can share everything that happened. Be fair, open and consistent.

What are your thoughts on the future of the medium?

Everyone is a journalist and every online-channel is a medium. I foresee more connectivity, not only between people, but things as well. I think we will communicate more across platforms to organise our daily lives, and more with smart appliances and the ‘internet of things’.

Were you using any social media tools before O2 adopted ZoomSphere?

No. And it was fortunate that I could be here where ZoomSphere started its life with O2!

Were you trying to solve a specific problem when you decided to use a social media tool?

No problems. We were only trying to find the solution to best fit our needs. ZoomSphere (and the people around it) made it possible very quickly and friendly. That’s what we love!

Why did you choose ZoomSphere and what were the factors you considered?

Definitely the personal touch and the determination to understand what we really needed in our tool. ZoomSphere is really unique on the market especially when compared to other suppliers.

What was the process of implementing ZoomSphere like in your organisation? 

We love trying new things! Our team is very switched on and easy going with all types of technology.

What functions does ZoomSphere provide in your organisation?

We use all the modules and functions that ZoomSphere has and we even ask for new ones so we feel like being a part of development team. We use the Customer Care Module, Analytics of all kinds, Social Media Monitoring, Publisher, Comparisons … we use them all!

What were the most noticeable advantages for your business before and after ZoomSphere?

As I have been working in Austria and Germany for a longer time before Slovakia, what I like most about ZoomSphere is “Ordung” – it is a very organised system that maintains the discipline in our team. All our channels are connected into one platform so we can manage, collaborate, share and work very fast.

Which ZoomSphere features do you use the most and why?

The Customer Care module, it’s in permanent use by my entire team.

Do you also see any benefits of Zoomsphere usage in numbers?

Definitely yes! When we have started to use the Zoomsphere tool, so we made input statistics, and after a few months we compared them with the status we got through Zoomsphere. Excellent was the comparison of response times and a comparison of the quality of our responses.

With the statistics broken down by incoming messages by days and hours, we were able to adapt the number of employees of customer center to this situation.

With the help of our customer center performance statistics, we were able to assemble the team of the most responsible and powerful people.

But what I value most at Zoomsphere is that it allows us to control the quality of our responses. Each response is rated by team leader with 1-5 stars. Teamleader can also comment on the rating and educate his team continuously.

This practical functionality has had a major influence on the quality of our responses. The year-to-year rating trend was absolutely conclusive.

Would you recommend Zoomsphere to others?

Definitely yes!

ZoomSphere is a high quality tool, that helps users to work and understand online communication. It’s highly personalised and always evolving with increased functionality. We are benchmarking our tools and solutions every 6 months and ZoomSphere has been the winner for social media for last 3 years. There must be something right about ZoomSphere!

Tomáš Holetz – Social Media Manager – O2 Slovakia