Facebook has launched a new Creator Studio app. As the company explained: “The app is an evolution of and mobile complement to Creator Studio, the desktop hub dedicated to helping creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook. The new experience offers the same actionable insights and meaningful engagement metrics, all from the ease of a mobile device.”

The mobile app is designed to work as a supplement of the desktop version of Creator Studio, so creators and publishers can easily keep track of how their content works on Facebook pages, as well as publish, schedule, and customize posts, respond to fan messages, and more.

The app enables mobile tracking of published and scheduled posts, allowing authors to make quick adjustments such as editing titles or descriptions. The app can be used by expiring posts, rescheduling posts, or publishing drafts.

It is also possible to switch between different accounts during the same session, instead of logging out and returning as another user. Switching between accounts could be significant for those who have a large social media presence as well as those whose job involves supporting multiple author sites.

Not All Creator Studio Features Are Allowed

However, from everything written, it can be seen that there are some limitations on the mobile version of Creator Studio. For example:

  • Users are not able to upload content to the app and create new posts using this tool. The post must be created either through the Facebook app or through the desktop version of Creator Studio. Then post or save them as drafts to make them available for the editing through the mobile app. 
  • Also, it notably lacks Instagram integration.

These are significant limitations, but Facebook has announced that the app is a thoughtful app that is designed to be a mobile complement to your Facebook Page management process, not a  single management interface on its own.

Either way, the app is available or both iOS and Android devices, so users, like every time before, will give a final judgment on the app and whether or not it is useful to them.

But if these limitations are too much for you and if you are missing a more complex and advanced solution with tons of features (including other social media platforms as well), you can always try a solution that will allow you to manage your social networks like a pro! 

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