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  1. Top 15 Agencies With The Highest Interactions On Social Media In May 2019

    How are marketing agencies doing on their social media platforms? Every month we analyze their accounts to see, who did the best job when it comes to interacting with fans, engagement, or increase of the fanbase. Let’s see who “won the popularity chart” by interactions and check the best posts!

  2. Instagram Ads: 5 Basic Q&As For Insta Marketing Newbies

    Instagram is on its hype, and this social media platform enjoy its popularity. The user base is growing, as well as the presence of brands. Make sure, you don’t miss the opportunity and get most of Instagram it offers you. Here is a simple guide for all of you, who start with Insta Ads or […]

  3. What Is The Life in Marketing Agency? Young Team, Dogs and Great Ambitions in eVisions

    We all can see the outcomes of their work, have some idea of preparing it but never see what it actually looks like behind the curtain! And here we are, curious to discover the life within a marketing agency – the office, people, dogs. The very first stop is Prague agency eVisions.

  4. Top 10 Ice Hockey World Championship Posts in 2019

    Which posts deserve the best engagement within the last weeks during the championship? One of the biggest sports events of the year attracts fans attention and not only in front of the tv monitors. We decided to find out what kind of hockey posts on social media really worked this year.

  5. Game of Thrones Analysis: Who Won The Battle of Facebook?

    Our watch is over, and the internet is talking (almost only) about the finale of Game of Thrones. And the reactions are wide. While some can’t stand the twisted fate of their heroes, others appreciate the surprising ending. No matter what side you take, the fanbase of the show is getting bigger, and Game of […]

  6. Ultimate Content Guide for Summer 2019: Inspiration For Your Social Media

    The summer is the time of vacations, festivals and time spent with family and friends. And very often it’s time when you are wondering what should you do about your content when your audience is busy with doing all the above mentioned. Well, some inspiration and social media data might be handy, right? Here it […]

  7. Eurovision 2019: Who will win according to social media?

    Altogether 41 countries participated in singing contest Eurovision to find the best performer of 2019. As the show runs this week, online conversations are growing and the social media pages of individual participants too. So we decided to analyze who is the “winner” on Facebook and Instagram or how did the contest affected singers accounts.

  8. The Shocking Findings About The European Election Candidates & Social Media

    European Parliament elections are about to happen in a few days (23-26 May), and right now we are in the peak of politician campaigns. What it looks like? When it comes to social media, we were quite surprised! Check, what we found out when analyzing British politicians communication and how this behavior is explained by political […]

  9. Avengers Endgame Marketing Force

    All the records are falling down, fans are going crazy, and both the cinematography and digital marketing are learning a new lesson on how to do things really huge. And I mean huge huge, we are talking about Avengers! Let’s have an in-depth look at the numbers among social media and digital communication behind that […]

  10. The Instagram Guide to Writing Amazing Posts that Sell

    Devising and typing out a great Instagram caption isn’t always a walk in the park. Unlike celebs who can get away with leaving their captions blank, most businesses need to work on writing engaging posts. Although Instagram is a platform which focuses mainly on pictures, captions are what will help sell. These take your image […]

  11. 5 Tips For Preparing The Best Content Plan

    The times of spontaneous and disorganized posting on social media are gone, and if you want to make some results, you need a strategy. To prepare a content plan is nothing complicated but it requires certain time and energy. Here are a few tips which ensure the best result of your work!

  12. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Audiences and Targeting

    It’s no secret that Facebook is one of, if not the most popular social media platform on the planet. No matter the scale of your business or the type of product or service you have on offer, targeting the right audience profile can make all the difference.

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