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  1. Is Clickbait Bad for Business?

    “Top Ten Words You Can Use to Sound Smart”

  2. How “Where’s Waldo” Helps You Produce Better Content

    “How do I become more creative when developing content?”

  3. ZoomSphere Analytics Module Has Been Updated – Support for LinkedIn

    With the addition of LinkedIn to our module, you can now view a more in-depth and summarised LinkedIn data.

  4. There’s a #Hashtag for That – Understanding Hashtags and How to Use Them Wisely.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to categorize almost every written thing on the internet?

  5. 6 Simple Steps to Your Success in Social Media

    Using ZoomSphere as an ecosystem will give you all relevant information and allow you to build your very own and professional social performance.

  6. Answer with pictures

    A picture is worth a thousand words! And now, thanks to ZoomSphere, you can say a whole lot more with your replies.

  7. Tiny Publisher guide for your Clients

    As your clients still play an important role in your content management process – approval, their cooperation is irreplaceable. 

  8. Catch’em all with ZoomSphere

    Capturing mentions about your brand across the Internet is important for 3thinks: planning your strategy, building content plan and for communication with fans of your brand.

  9. 6 Simple Steps to Your Success in Social Media

    Social media platforms are convenient and easy to access surfaces for brands, to reach customers, and communicate with their clients and followers. To be successful on these platforms also need a special attention. This special attention basically is about being able to recognize and respond promptly people’s needs. Intuition, self-recognition can be useful in such […]

  10. Publish content from any RSS Feed automatically!

    Many of our clients produce a LOT of content on a daily basis. Large media organisations like Hearst and Czech Televison, which rely on ZoomSphere to manage their social media, require large amounts of time to post each update from their website. They needed a way to make this easier and we responded! We have […]

  11. New ways to manage your social media messages

    ZoomSphere users have grown accustomed to integrating their Customer Care modules with their social media marketing activities. It’s easy to manage incoming messages and keep track of whether one has been resolved or if still needs attention. Each message is managed and ultimately archived from your stream of inquiries . The process is simple and […]

  12. What the first Reaction Analytics shows us

    Facebook recently introduced its additional reaction types –  Love, Haha, Angry, Wow, and Sad. It is a great opportunity to get deeper insights into the mind’s of our fans. Naturally, LIKE is still the most popular choice because it is the default setting. Each brand needs to make more effort to get LOVE. Each fan […]

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