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  1. Marketing MUST HAVE: Social Media Image Size Guide

    A handy, always needed guide for all image sizes on social media platforms – visuals are must have when it comes to online communication, and every marketer should know these numbers. There is no need to remember them, you can easily find them in this article right here 👇

  2. New ZoomSphere Mobile App Can Publish Right Away to Instagram. PS: It’s Super Easy!

    The trend of Instagram is an uprising, and our attention is fully here! That’s exactly why we needed to give you a comfortable option to share the content right away from ZoomSphere. Viola, the Instagram mobile app is here, and you can start using it immediately.

  3. 6 Tips For The Best Visuals On Social Media

    One of the key factor, whether your communication on social media will be successful or not, is the visual part of the content. The audience is picky nowadays thanks to the amount of shared information and people choose between like / dislike. Make sure your content will be in group A.  

  4. 40 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

    Welcome in digital era! Web and social media platforms are forming its own state, and we are bringing you some of its demographics! Understand the behavior of social media usage to set your campaigns the best. Below are the 40 best statistics we found.

  5. Ultimate Guide For Facebook Live Videos: 10 Tips For Perfect Broadcasting

    Facebook Live videos are giving you perfect opportunity to connect with your fans in real time, let them ask you all the burning questions, and simulate face to face contact even with those, with whom it would be impossible to meet otherwise. Live broadcasting’s results are great, and the numbers go higher than regular videos. […]

  6. Engagement Trick: Build The Best Facebook Group In 5 Steps

    You probably already heard about it once or twice. But not many people really make a use out of it. Facebook Groups area great and effective way to boost your engagement on Facebook and strengthen the relationship with your customers or fans. And it is not complicated at all. You can master it just in […]

  7. 7 Tips to Rock Your Instagram Stories in 2019

    Users love Stories, and Instagram rules that format of all social media platforms the best. If you didn’t add it to your communication yet, it’s time to do so! Here are seven essential tips on how to take over Stories and boost your Instagram content to the next level! 💥

  8. How to Master The Hashtags on Social Media

    From its first usage back in 2007 till the biggest campaigns online, the hashtag is an inseparable part of social media. And mainly, it is highly effective when it comes to attention. A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12,6 % more engagement than a post with none. Make sure you know where, […]

  9. TOP 12 Free and Fantastic Marketing Tools To Boost Your Work

    They are free, and they are worth it! We found 12 marketing tools to use in different phases of your social media campaigns from research to create a title or add CTA button. With their help, you can boost your work to a different level without spending a single penny. And let’s be honest, the […]

  10. 10 Social Media News: What Happened in January 2019?

    The very first month of the new year 2019 is over, and it brought plenty of news for both social media users and marketers. Did you hear about Facebook LOL app, Facebook family merger or The Egg? No? Ok, now you will! 💪

  11. Design Makes a Difference: ZoomSphere Publisher Got New Facelift. And It’s Great!

    Simpler design, new features and improved responsiveness. ZoomSphere Publisher got a new facelift making the work more efficient and easy on the eye. We know how vital the work environment is for marketers and that is why we are so happy to introduce you the latest improvements.

  12. Social Media Holiday Calendar: Ultimate List of Festive Days in February and March

    There are plenty of international days, special events, celebrations and holidays all across the world. And all of them are great inspiration for you to use in your social media communication. We put together a calendar where you can find those relevant for your content and share.

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