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  1. 5 Marketers Are Answering: What Was Your Biggest Social Media Fail?

    Social media marketers are still only humans and to make mistakes happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s a funny slip; sometimes a huge fail making its author feel a need to move to the different continent. Before we jump to our social media marketers and their online fails, let’s see the most common mistakes […]

  2. Instagram Analysis Guide: How to Compare Your Account With Competition?

    To know the numbers is great, to understand them within the context is fantastic. Compare your Instagram account within the field with your biggest competitors or the whole segment! Gain the data super easily with ZoomSphere, which is newly allowing you to see the statistics of any public Instagram account. Here is how!👇

  3. 10 Social Media News You Have to Know – Spring 2019

    The first quarter of the year 2019 is over, and as we are used to, plenty of new stuff happened within the social media. To catch up on everything important, we prepared a list of the ten most significant news you shouldn’t miss.

  4. Top 10 April Fool’s Day Jokes And Pranks For 2019

    It could look like that in the era of the internet when you sometimes can’t say the difference between real and fake information, April Fool’s Day is a little bit losing on its point. But no. Even in 2019, some brands are proving us wrong and sharing their bright ideas for April the first!

  5. 5 Marketers Are Answering: What Was The Best Campaign You Ever Worked On?

    The world of digital marketer is a challenging and exciting place to work. The creativity meets hard numbers and data, the success is followed by an absolutely unexpected fail. And we were curious about the experience right from the marketers. So we asked! In that brand new serie of questions, we will share answers of […]

  6. Easter Inspiration: Top 7 Ads We Loved Last Years

    One of the biggest holidays of the year is coming. Easter might not be as huge as Christmas, yet it is an excellent opportunity to prepare a great campaign and support your selling / brand awareness. As those 7 marketing teams did – so far they are our favorites in the Easter category 🐰🐣🥚

  7. 9 Awesome Tools That Help You Improve Your Instagram

    Have perfect Instagram account is goal for every social media marketer. To do so, there are plenty of helpers making it way much easier. Diana Zadáková, a social media master at found 9 of those tools that will be more than handy for you as well!

  8. How Was Presidential Elections In Slovakia Decided On Facebook

    Last weekend Slovakia went through the first round of presidential elections. And the results were pretty clear. The candidate Zuzana Čaputová won without any doubt, but to be honest, it wasn’t such a big surprise. When you analyzed the online buzz around her in comparison with others, the results are only confirming what Facebook already […]

  9. 10 Types Of Best-Performing Instagram Stories For Brands

    Since 2016, Instagram Stories are taking over the format and show great results. Those brands, who invest their time and energy and master Instagram Stories, build a strong fan base and earn some real engagement. Get some inspiration with those 10 types of Instagram Stories content. PS: Each model is demonstrated on an actual practice […]

  10. Welcome To The Bot Age: Everything You Need to Know About ChatBots In Your Social Media Strategy

    As futurist it may sound, bots are a thing currently, and you probably got in touch with plenty of them. Just think of the rise of self-checkout at grocery stores and ordering kiosks at restaurants. For example, Amazon just opened a store without a single cashier or self-checkouts; the human interaction is here limited to […]

  11. Marketing MUST HAVE: Social Media Image Size Guide

    A handy, always needed guide for all image sizes on social media platforms – visuals are must have when it comes to online communication, and every marketer should know these numbers. There is no need to remember them, you can easily find them in this article right here 👇

  12. New ZoomSphere Mobile App Can Publish Right Away to Instagram. PS: It’s Super Easy!

    The trend of Instagram is an uprising, and our attention is fully here! That’s exactly why we needed to give you a comfortable option to share the content right away from ZoomSphere. Viola, the Instagram mobile app is here, and you can start using it immediately.

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