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  1. Facebook Reactions: The E-Spot for Brands!

    The Basics Facebook finally released their 6 ‘Reaction’ emojis last week and all users should now see them. As you scroll your newsfeed you will see the ‘Like’ button as a call to action on every post and this will still be the default reaction, but holding down (mobile) or hovering over (web) the ‘Like’ button will reveal the other […]

  2. SocialSnap: Social Media News (Episode 5)

    SocialSnap is fast and fun social media news from ZoomSphereTV! Episode 5 this week reveals that Facebook made something special to help small groups of users, Snapchat’s new feature, Telegram’s amazing growth, what the new app Being let’s you do on Instagram, new Twitter features, YouTube bought another platform, and ads are coming to a popular messaging service. 

  3. ZoomSphere’s Customer Care Results! (infographic)

    If you already use ZoomSphere then you’ll know that we have a neat help feature built into the tool – the little question mark in the bottom right of the screen. When one of our customers clicks this, it opens a chat window and our Customer Support Team is notified on their desktop, mobile, and […]

  4. Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’ opening for all publishers

    Great news for all publishing brands that use Facebook with the announcement that the platform will be opening up it’s ‘Instant Articles‘ feature for publishers of all sizes. From the 12th of April, coinciding with the F8 Developer conference, the feature rich addition can be used to provide an immersive content experience like never before […]

  5. SocialSnap – Social Media News (Episode Four)

    SocialSnap is fast and fun social media news from ZoomSphereTV! Enjoy Episode Four with social media news from Instagram, Google+, YouTube Red, and Twitter! 

  6. Twitter IS changing its timeline!

    On the 6th of February Twitter’s Jack Dorsey reacted to the user meltdown over rumours of timelines changing from reverse chronological order to an algorithm format (a la Facebook). Dorsey was very specific in putting the rumours to rest, perhaps too specific …

  7. SocialSnap – Social Media News (Episode Three)

    SocialSnap is fast and fun social media news from ZoomSphereTV! Enjoy Episode Three with stories from Facebook Reactions, Twitter GIFS, and Instagram account switching! 

  8. 5 Tips To Optimise Facebook Images For Content Marketing

    Working in social media marketing requires a multitude of skills. It requires a specific attitude to being social and the ability to create strategies that establish relationships with individuals. The basis of a good strategy is the ability to relate to a specific set of circumstances and convey this information effectively. And images are one of the best ways to achieve this.

  9. We’ve upgraded our CRM!

    We added a new feature to ZoomSphere – a dedicated CRM section! Up until now the CRM cards were accessed only via the Customer Care Module but now they have their very own home in the platform.

  10. SocialSnap – Social Media News (Episode Two)

    SocialSnap is fast and fun social media news from ZoomSphereTV! Enjoy Episode Two with stories from Tinder, Facebook Ride Share, Gmail, and Watstime! 

  11. SocialSnap – Social Media News (Episode One)

    SocialSnap is fast and fun social media news from ZoomSphereTV! Enjoy episode one with stories from Facebook, WhatsApp, Be Like Bill, and Yik Yak!

  12. ZoomSphere Posts To Hearst Magazines’ 8 Million Fans!

    Hearst Magazines in Spain recently partnered with ZoomSphere to put our social media tool to work sharing their content across a host of magazine brands like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Ego, and Micasa. The publishing giant was looking for a tool to help their community management team track their social activity and grow their digital business. In recent years Hearst has developed their social activity […]

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