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  1. Meet the New Facebook Tool Attribution Dashboard to Better Measurement

    Numbers, graphs and data. The work in social media marketing is not just about all the pretty and creative stuff, but the “hard”, data-driven insight as well. Besides many better or worse tools, Facebook offers its own. For example, newly launched Attribution Dashboard. Are you asking what it can do and why you should take […]

  2. 4 New Features Making Instagram Next Shopping King

    The biggest digital rumors seem to be pretty clear about the future of e-commerce and social media, specifically Instagram. This photo-based application is for a long time more than just a place to share pictures and memories with your friends. As time showed, a huge business can be done here 💰What are the news making […]

  3. Ho-ho-holiday Season on Social Media: 2018 Marketers Guide

    The end of the year is the strongest season for brands and companies to do a significant part of their sales. Though all the preps, planning and marketing starts way much earlier. When do you need to start publishing? Right now! According to several statistics, October is the best time to start, and social media […]

  4. Social Media News & Trends: September 2018 in 7 Points

    In only one month so many things happen in the world of social media platforms! And September was super exciting month to follow them all. We chose the seven most important for anyone touching this field to stay up to date! ⚡

  5. Highway to Ads Manager: Boost your Facebook posts with new Publisher

    New Publisher 2.0 is coming very soon and there are some features you really should know about. For example renewed Approved Status, which enables you to start working on promoting Facebook posts even before they are published. How to do that? Check it below in the article👇

  6. Facebook link previews: Who can edit them and how?

    Different image, title or lead paragraph of a blog post – a couple of months ago anyone could edit those while sharing a post on Facebook. Not anymore. Even though Facebook restricted changing most of the link previews, it is still possible to do it under some circumstances. What are these rules, how to deal with […]

  7. New Error Status: The worst problem is the one you don’t know about

    New ZoomSpheres Publisher 2.0 has its Sherlock Holmes called Error status. Thanks to this new feature no problems won’t remain a mystery anymore and it alerts you immediately to see there is something wrong. How does it work and what problems Error status warns you about?👇

  8. New Publisher 2.0: Improved and Stronger Than Ever Before

    Last few months we spent improving one of the core modules in ZoomSphere – Publisher. And the result? We are pretty happy about it! New Publisher 2.0 enables real post preview with different formats for each social media platform, furthermore with new notification panel no changes won’t remain unnoticed and from now on all approved […]

  9. Let’s see what the new version brings

    A few days ago we started publishing on our facebook page a list of enhancements you can look forward to in the new version of Zoomsphere. You can try this new version from Wednesday morning. That is why we bring a quick recap of what has changed.

  10. New faces in developer’s team

    ZoomSphere is always in motion. We are hardworking and follow the latest trends. Please, join us in welcoming our development team, that was refreshed and filled with new blood. Newcomers are innovative, dynamic, creative and absolutely professional.  Our developers will certainly add another layer of success to our professional journey.  They have great passion for […]

  11. Are you using all the monitoring options?

    When we offer our tool, we find that businesses often apply their classic media monitoring habits to online and social media.

  12. Analytics modules now offer multiple views on engagement

    One of the most important statistics produced by ZoomSphere analytics modules is without any doubt a table showing the performance of individual posts. And here are the metrics for which we have decided to offer new practical views.

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