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  1. Design Makes a Difference: ZoomSphere Publisher Got New Facelift. And It’s Great!

    Simpler design, new features and improved responsiveness. ZoomSphere Publisher got a new facelift making the work more efficient and easy on the eye. We know how vital the work environment is for marketers and that is why we are so happy to introduce you the latest improvements.

  2. Social Media Holiday Calendar: Ultimate List of Festive Days in February and March

    There are plenty of international days, special events, celebrations and holidays all across the world. And all of them are great inspiration for you to use in your social media communication. We put together a calendar where you can find those relevant for your content and share.

  3. Facebook 2019 Trends: 33 Page Report Shows The Biggest Topics Of This Year

    What was the online world talking about in 2018? Facebook prepared a report showing the most increasing topics among its users to help marketers were their campaigns one step ahead. Let’s see, which trends were formed last year and will strengthen in 2019.

  4. How To Publish On Instagram With New Publisher 2.0

    Publishing with ZoomSphere is a piece of cake, and Instagram is no exception. Unlike Facebook, the steps here are a little bit different thanks to a few Instagrams restrictions, but it can’t stop us. Let’s go through it together step by step! 💪

  5. 7 Social Media News in December 2018

    The end of the year brought some pretty exciting news as well as the traditional annual round-ups what was the hot stuff across social media in 2018. Let’s go together through the most significant moment of December 2018 and start the new year up-to-date.

  6. How to Create a Dark Post And Have It Under Absolute Control

    What is this dark post and why should you pay attention to it? Or if you are already familiar with this social media marketing term, you will be maybe interested in the way how ZoomSphere can newly work with it. Let’s go together through the most updated practice right away! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  7. Top Ten 2018 Fails When Social Media Campaigns Went Wrong. So Wrong!

    As well as perfect promotion on social media platforms can earn great attention, the very same thing can happen in the opposite case. Get ready for the best of worst from this year on brands social media!

  8. 6 Biggest Social Media Moments of 2018

    The end of the year is a perfect time to sum up, what happened in the previous 12 months with all of its successes and failures. Let’s go through 6 of the most significant moments of 2018 which changed social media for both users and marketers.

  9. 10 Most Successful Agencies Posts in Europe – NOVEMBER Edition

    All relevant European agencies, their Facebook posts, and our analytics 👉 together it makes one big Agency Report. See which agencies and posts were the most successful last month and generate most interactions.

  10. 11 Social Media News in November 2018

    By the end of the year, social media do their best to show off recent news and updates. In November there were plenty of them, we went through all of it and chose the 11 most significant (which was not easy at all by the way!). Your monthly review of the social media world is […]

  11. Perfect Instagram Post: New Study Reveals What Works The Best

    This year was a year of Instagram, and the younger brother of Facebook hit one billion users in September. The growth doesn’t seem to be slowing as well as new features and updates are still coming. Everybody is here and brands, influencers or marketers are doing their best to gain the most out of it. […]

  12. 5 basic questions about social listening and how to gain the best results

    Only if there would be some super-power gadget allowing us to hear, what all people around the world say and think about us or our brand. Wait a moment. There is! And it is called social listening. Let us take you on the way into your customers (or potential customers) mind! 🔮

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