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  1. New Features for the Analytics and Comparisons Modules

    Today we released upgrades to both our Analytics and Comparisons modules. These upgrades have been designed to give you more control over how you work within ZoomSphere and the ability to complete tasks faster. We’ve added more places to click and quickly segment your data so you have it as you need. 

  2. Bitly

    For digital agencies and brand managers URLs are essential pieces of text. These links that can be made to work harder for brands by using a free link shortening service like Bitly.

  3. NHL Hockey brands on Facebook and Twitter

    As NHL hockey teams battle it out on the ice in the playoffs, we took a look at who is pucking around on social media this month. The teams are facing off on Facebook and all their birds are in a row on Twitter – see who is winning the Social Media Cup this April with […]

  4. #TNWEurope Speakers On Twitter

    Incredibly #TNWEurope has been trending all over the world thanks to the stellar lineup of startups and tech that descended en masse in Amsterdam for the conference the past two days. To celebrate a successful TNWEurope for 2015

  5. European Digital Agency Brands on Facebook and Twitter

    This ZoomSphere report takes a look at how ten different digital agency brands from across Europe are performing on social media. We took one regional market at random for each brand and compared them across specific analytics. Zenith Optimedia had too low numbers to compare on it’s regional brand profiles so their umbrella profiles were used […]

  6. Startup Accelerator, Incubator and VC Brands on Facebook and Twitter

    This ZoomSphere report details the analytics behind 26 startup accelerator, incubator and VC brands. We investigated which brands were gaining traction within their Facebook and Twitter, social media communities and how they do it. We tracked the following 26 brands to see how they were faring at the start of Q2 2015 (April 1st to April 15th):

  7. Get more from the Social Media Feed Module

    (Video run time: 2’08”) In this video you can see how a Social Media Feed Module allows you to see the number of times a brand was mentioned across social media and the web. It also lets you see when and where it appeared and the top influencers who were talking about it.

  8. What’s coming to Facebook: Details from F8 2015

    The big news from Facebook’s inaugural F8 developer conference is the announcement of Messenger as a stand alone platform. The Messenger Platform will develop it’s own app store for the 600 million users and allow for unique content to be shared between users vis IM.

  9. 9 Reasons Businesses Need Their Brand On Social Media.

    Still need convincing that social media is right for your brand? Here’s the 9 reason that no business can afford to deny! 1. Your customers are hanging out on social media so you should too. Customers from all demographics use a variety of social media channels so it’s important to have a presence there too. Brand visibility and […]

  10. The Analytics Module [webinar video]

    If you missed the ZoomSphere Analytic’s Module webinar you can watch it here whenever you like. The video is an introduction to the module so you can get in depth metrics on all your social media profiles and check out how your competitor’s are performing.

  11. Social Media Feed Module – Search Terms

    This is video takes you through the search operators and options you can use when creating a Social Media Feed Module to track brand mentions across social media and the web. It offers examples and advice to get more from ZoomSphere when discovering what is being said about your business and your competitors!

  12. The new ZoomSphere from the CEO

    I’m proud to present the new ZoomSphere! For four years ZoomSphere has been growing and developing in line with our mission of making beautiful and powerful social media management software. We strive to make ZoomSphere more useful with every update, but our latest release takes ZoomSphere to a whole new level.

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