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  1. ZoomSphere ‘Rules’. Our new automation feature.

    Our Social Media Feed and Customer Care modules have received an upgrade with a new tool we call RULES. This is an opportunity for teams and managers to establish rules for the automated processing of messages coming into the modules. 

  2. ZoomSphere has Klout

    Our new Customer Care Module includes the Klout score of anyone that sends you a message on social media! The score is a number from 0 – 100 that reflects a user’s influence online across platforms. Influence is determined by the number of people that see content you share across eight networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, FourSquare, and […]

  3. What makes Cathay Pacific so special on social media?

    Cathay Pacific has been performing strongly across social media thanks to popular hashtag campaigns supported by beautiful images. The brand has managed success using simple and relatable ideas, that are easy for customers engage with. The airline’s results have been impressive, and their team makes it look easy with social profiles full of interactions from passionate travellers. Dennis Owen is […]

  4. ZoomSphere’s new functions for Customer Care across social media.

    Today we released a brand new module to ZoomSphere – Customer Care.  As a brand management tool we understand the importance of managing customers effectively across social media platforms. Social media is becoming the preferred way for customers to communicate with brands because it is convenient and fast. With increased traffic on these channels it’s […]

  5. Corporate Social Media Success Requires A Social Media Tool

    Big brands need social media. The medium provides an opportunity for them to interact personally with a broad base of their customers in one place. Using a social platform they can broadcast to all of them, a segment, or just one person. Customers love to communicate using social media because it’s quick, convenient and transparent. People DO spend a […]

  6. Raiffeisenbank uses ZoomSphere

    Until late 2014 Raiffeisenbank in the Czech Republic had little presence on social media. In November 2014, Jakub Cerny is the bank’s digital marketing specialist and was bought on board to develop a team and a strategy for the high profile financial brand. We discussed how the bank has embraced social media and how integral ZoomSphere […]

  7. Shielding your brand’s reputation online 24/7

    (read time – 4 mins) Social media gives fans, followers, users and customers of a brand, twenty-four hour access to communicate directly with it. Incoming messages can be requests, questions or feedback – all worthy of a response to make customers (or potential customers) feel validated.

  8. Changes to Facebook video upload.

    (Read time – 4 mins) Facebook recently introduced new video functionality that was first discussed at F8 earlier in the year. Zuckerberg’s network is making sure that video holds pride of place for brands with more features for hosting and customisation. Here are the new ways to work with videos and what it means for brands marketing on […]

  9. How hashtags help grow your social media networks.

    Hashtags are a prominent feature across social media platforms and can be easily used by any brand to grow awareness. Hashtags allow you to add searchable keywords for social media posts

  10. Twitter removes the 140 character limit from Direct Messages

    From next month Twitter will remove the 140 character limit on Direct Messages that users send to each other. The character count that made the platform famous is being relaxed so users who follow each other can send private messages of any length.

  11. What can social media monitoring do for your business?

    Social Media Monitoring monitors social media for specific words or groups of words across a variety of social platforms. The monitoring comes in the form of a specialised search that retrieves recent results from specific services. Monitoring is a quick and easy way to find out what people are saying about your brand, your industry and […]

  12. Cross Section of Pioneers 2015 Speakers on Twitter

    Day Two of Vienna’s Pioneers 2015 is underway and we wanted to join the fun by taking a look at the impact some of the speakers on Twitter. We selected 10 pioneers and compared their Twitter profiles for some stats – and one speaker’s community is out of this world! Take a look and you’ll […]

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