This year was a year of Instagram, and the younger brother of Facebook hit one billion users in September. The growth doesn’t seem to be slowing as well as new features and updates are still coming. Everybody is here and brands, influencers or marketers are doing their best to gain the most out of it. The recent report is showing us, what is the best way to do so and what the most successful posts look like.

The Quintly agency analyzed 44, 432 Instagram profiles, and over 8.9 million cumulative posts back in the first part of the year between January 1 and September 30, 2018. From that was created report saying what is generating the most engagement on Instagram and helping profiles to grow.

Numbers Side With Instagram

In past months, Instagram was growing and growing and not only in case of its users but also the overall growth raised for all analyzed profiles. The profiles were divided into six groups according to their size (number of followers). The most significant follower growth showed profiles with one to ten thousand followers, but basically, the growth rate ranges from 17% up to 33%.

Instagram Usage Trends

So what is it that makes some posts better than others? With all the hype around Instagram, that’s a question we all are asking quite a lot, doesn’t matter if it is about posting pictures from your vacation or products. The report found out the latest trends and usage behaviors you can easily start to work with.


Video Generates up to 21.2 % More Interactions

No surprise, no surprise, right?😏Video still keeps being number one on social media when it comes to interactions (likes and comments). Compared to images videos generate 21.2 % more interactions and 18.57 % more than image carousels.

But in fact, images are still shared the most by far. Exactly it is 75.2%, and only 16.4% of posts are videos (yes, even though the response is way much better). We don’t need more arguments in favor of videos, do we?

Posts with up to 50 Characters Work The Best

Instagram is built mainly on the visuality; still 31% of overall posts have more than 300 characters in their post description. Only 1.1% go with any description and 8.8% fit into less than 50 characters. The rest is somewhere between.

Unfortunately, the majority is again “wrong” and posts with less than 50 characters have more interactions. On the top are those with 1 – 50 characters in description followed with 0 characters. Apparently, on Instagram, we really don’t want to read at all. So make your copy shorter and engagement higher!

Less than 22 % Is Published on Weekends

According to the results, on weekends we are lazy to share any content but very active with giving hearts and comments. Only 21.8% of all posts are published during weekends. On the other hand, the weekend posts receive more interaction. Post made on Saturday and Sunday saw up to 22.3% higher interactions.

Think of sharing some of your posts on weekends as well. The competition is way much lower obviously, and your followers have more free time to appreciate it! 🙏🤤

No Quantity for Hashtags

It would be no Instagram without #hashtags, wouldn’t it? It is an essential part of social media enabling users to make the content more visible or search for particular interests. But how many hashtags is ok? In this case “the more, the better” doesn’t work, right the opposite.

Exactly 36.2% posts go with 1 – 3 hashtags, but right behind are the posts without any hashtags (28.9%). Only 13% of all posts have more than 10 hashtags. In this case, the best results stick to the most common practice and 1 – 3 hashtags indicate the highest interactions.

Go for Emojis

It is almost unbelievable, but full 54.9% of profiles don’t use emoji ( 😳) within their post description. But as the report says, the emojis are more than just a nice way of making your post a bit more personal.

Most of the profiles saw engagement benefits after adding at least one emoji. The best results regarding interactions had posts with even 10+ emojis, right after ended up posts with 1 – 3 emojis. Adding at least one seems to be the wise decision, so don’t hesitate to show your emotions!

PS: According to facebook, those are the most popular – 😂😍🎂❤️ and these are some of the least used – 🤽‍♂️🕴1️⃣🤹‍♀️🐭

Instagram Post Recipe:

  • Don’t be afraid to add some videos to your feed,
  • shorten the description to up to 50 characters,
  • try to post some of the content on the weekend,
  • cut down the hashtags,
  • and show your emojis! 🤩

Source: Quintly report