Now you can automatically send content from your own blog or website, or from any other, ready to publish to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

RSS Integration is available as a new tab when creating a Publisher Module and best of all you can set any status you like so you have a fully automated workflow for content publication. Get it published immediately or set a delay in minutes so you can edit and cooperate on content as usual.

Here’s how it works –

If you just want new inspiration for content, add the relevant RSS Feeds and set the status to IDEAS so you can pick and choose what is best for your audience. Click the light bulb in the top right and you will see the posts there ready to drag-and-drop into the calendar.

A great social tool will save you time and this new feature reduces the need to manually set and send each new post from your site and it can deliver new content from multiple sources automatically!  If you need help setting up your RSS automation please send us a message anywhere on our social channels or use the question mark in the bottom right of Zoomsphere.