Are you looking to boost engagement on your social media pages?

By following science-based strategies, it’s possible to improve likes, comments, and shares on your social posts.

Read on to discover the best techniques your business can use to start boosting engagement today.

Why Engagement Matters

how to boost engagement

Although having popular social media pages is a good vanity metric, the real reason to improve engagement is cash!

In recent years, several studies have shown a significant link between social media page engagement and purchase intention. Simply put, the higher your audience’s engagement levels, the more revenue your business will generate.

In addition, there is a strong brand loyalty aspect.

A 2017 study demonstrated that high engagement levels were associated with improved brand loyalty, and with this a likelihood of ongoing purchases.

If you are serious about growing your company, then boosting social media engagement should be one of your main digital priorities.

Here’s our rundown of how to increase likes, comments, and shares.

Ways to Boost Likes

how to boost engagement

The readability of your posts matters!

Research analysing over 4,000 Facebook posts suggests that easy to read posts receive more likes. This is true regardless of the post type – text only, or text accompanied by an image or video.

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It has also been found that the more vivid or entertaining a post is, the higher the number of likes generated. So rather than pushing sales, seek to entertain your fans – in practice, this means using compelling and attractive images, memes, or videos.

Contests or competitions are another surefire tactic to enhance likes, but beware of opinion type posts…

Asking your audience a question or running a poll is typically detrimental to the number of likes – users are focused on replying rather than ‘liking’ the post.

How to Boost Comments

how to boost comments

Similar to the liking results, improving readability will help to increase the amount of post comments. Post length does not matter too much – just make it easy to read. 

Readability aside, your main strategy to increase the number of comments should be to keep your audience on your social media page. This means AVOIDING posts with an off-page web link, and creating posts that require a response from your followers.

This is best achieved by:

  • Asking your audience a question
  • Running a page poll
  • Asking for a specific action – ‘tag a friend’

If you are seeking to gain more feedback or comments on a particular post, then pinning it to the top of your social pages is also proven to be effective. In addition, create relatable content for your audience – it will definitely encourage more comments.

One of the best aspects from seeking responses from fans is the domino effect that often occurs. Users with varying opinions will join the ‘conversation’, and the debate will become more alive.

This social interaction increases the likelihood of other social media users noticing your brand and following your page.

Boosting Shares

Shares are probably the engagement metric you should give the most attention to. They are the number 1 way to organically expand the reach of your social media posts.

So how can increasing shares be accomplished?

Posts that give useful information tend to generate an above average number of shares – when people find out something new or insightful they are more inclined to let others know.

Researchers also discovered that original image or video posts get more shares than text only posts, so be sure to put some thought into your content creation. Don’t rely on stock images!

Finally, posts with incentive content are highly shared. Post styles that fall into this category are competitions, referral rewards, offers, and discounts.


Depending on the engagement metric you want to boost, different tactics need to be used.

Here’s a brief recap of the take-outs you need to know:

  • Improving likes – Make posts easy to read. Entertaining images, memes, and videos also increase likes. Be sure to use competitions, but avoid asking your audience questions.
  • Getting more comments – Encourage your followers to stay on your social platforms. Don’t post weblinks, instead seek responses by using polls, asking questions, or requesting ‘tagging’ to stimulate debate. Create relatable content and pin posts you want people to comment on.
  • Increasing shares – Use images or videos as they are much more sharable. Posts with useful information will also do well. Incentive style posts (competitions, discounts, rewards) are a quick way to increase share rate and gain more visibility for your brand.

Alongside this information, remember that the time of day has an impact on the content an audience prefers. 

Generally, text based or information heavy posts are preferred in the morning or early afternoon, while media rich, entertaining posts (images and videos) are best scheduled for the evening when the viewer is relaxing. 

Once you have boosted your social media engagement, it’s essential to stay on top of your followers comments and offer great customer service.

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