Many of marketers using this or that software for social media management comes to face with an issue of reporting while monitoring their social channels on a weekly or monthly basis. Most often it means time-consuming report building, exporting and sending it away to collaborators and clients. In a ZoomSphere we perfectly understand our clients for whom every minute saved can be turned into profit. Upon their request, we have decided to developed a brand new automated report generator feature.

This latest function called Exports is available as a new tab in a settings of your Analytics module. From now on you can automate this process – just as simple as choosing the frequency, either weekly or monthly, for your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin module, and have the reports ready to read with your Monday morning coffee. Find out more how it works:

Choose one of your Analytics modules and open a gearwheel of Settings


On the right side find tab Exports

step_2 (1)

Here’s the place. Now you you can type-in your email, the emails of your collaborators or clients you want to receive this reports, having weekly option in a left column and monthly in a right one. You can type-in many emails, just don’t forget to separate them comma.

step_3 (1)

Tap to save changes and you’re done! In a minute and later on a weekly or monthly basis you will receive a report from your module


Moreover, you can also track these profiles, which you don’t own yourself (for instance belonging to your competition) and set an automatic report sender for these profiles too! This functionality however, have a little disadvantage – in case if you don’t own the profile, we’re able to provide you less metrics than in other way.


Over all, what sort of advantages you can get from the automation of report building and sending? One of the main advantage is using this tool for comparing data from monitoring of your site against your competition. Since now it’s much simpler and faster. Last but not least, bright, readable and straightforward composition of the most important metrics in one place is the best form how to present the results to the management

We’re following the philosophy of creating time-saving and user friendly software. To fulfill that model, we carefully listening all suggestions of our users. So, if not you, then who would provide us the best feedback to develop? Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and suggestions, how we can change ourselves for you and make your ZoomSphere user experience even better than now.