Tips for a good and above all compelling copy, a copy that works, never enough. All of you probably have found yourself in a situation where a seemingly insignificant change to copy brings a significant shift in post-performance. Well, with this in mind, Twitter has unveiled a new initiative that aims to provide simple tips that will help businesses improve their tweet copy. This program is called “Good Copy, Bad Copy.”

As you can see in the clip below, Twitter creative lead Joe Waddington introduced a set of simple, practical tweet tips that can significantly improve your presentation and tweet performance. 

7 Tips to Make Your Tweet Copy More Compelling

Some of these tricks may already be used in your copies, some may seem banal to you, but probably each can have a positive effect on your campaign performance. Let’s see what tips Joe Waddington shared with us:

  1. Emphasize urgency – Give people the reason to take action immediately. Maybe your offer is only available for a short time, or the stock is limited. Try using phrases like: “sign up now,” “for a limited time,” “low stock,” etc.
  2. Percentages work better than dollar amounts – the practice has shown that more people click on Tweets that express discounts as percentages instead of a dollar amount. 20% off sounds more than $5 off, right?
  3. People love “free” – Many marketing programs focus on getting people to buy. However, if you are focused on collecting leads, try promoting your resources and ebooks. If what you’re offering is truly free, you should celebrate it.
  4. Avoid distracting hashtags – hashtags bind all other notes of that phrase and are useful if they are focused on engagement. But if your goal is for people to go to your website or follow your account, you don’t want to risk someone clicking on a hashtag instead of your call to action.
  5. Eliminate all caps – They can come across as shouting and may reduce the effectiveness of your message. 
  6. Website cards If you don’t have Twitter website cards enabled on your website; it’s worth going through the process and switching them on. You need to add a line of code to your website, but once added, Twitter will be able to pull in a summary and image info from your website to populate the card element, creating a more professional looking tweet, and maximizing your space for users to click through. Note too that, in ordering for website cards to work, you need to add the URL to the end of your tweet. Don’t put your hashtags, or anything else, after the URL.
  7. Ask a question – Asking a question helps people to feel part of the conversation and can persuade them to click through. 

As with everything in marketing and digital, these are not rules in themselves, but rather some good practices that should be considered. Maybe some of this will bring you results, but to be sure, it’s necessary to keep tabs on your tweet analytics. 

Remember that testing is a critical key to success. A good plan is to experiment with several campaigns for each marketing initiative, so you can learn more about which copy performs best for your audience.