This powerful and intuitive graphic creator has heaps of free templates to make you seem like a graphic design whizz … or more of a whizz. This startup is doing amazing things and boasts more users than the population of Estonia. How can we be sure how good they are? Check out their stats!


They give everyone their own design studio to organise create and store their library of graphic content. Select your project size, upload your images, drop them in templates and edit away. The interface is an intuitive drag & drop design, with simple menus that do what you would expect. Fonts, sizes, filters can all be adjusted simply so there is plenty of customisation to make your work stand out. You can download your images as PNG or PDF files with one click.

All your designs are saved online and you can even share them with other team members to collaborate on. Canva has built in the dimensions for most social media platform’s profile and cover images, so there is no more wasting time resizing or manipulating distorted images. The most amazing feature is that the platform is completely free unless you use Canva images, if you use your own it costs nothing to use. The team are adding more features all the time to improve the functionality and let you do more with your content.

If you aren’t a photoshop expert then Canva will be a great addition to your workflow. Improve your graphic design skills and make your social media content more professional and beautiful every time you post!