Every ambitious business should keep aware of the latest online trends, to see how consumer interests are changing and if this might impact their own products or services.

We investigated the hot topics that are trending on Google this summer, so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we found..

Mayr Method Diet 

Mayr method diet

One of a number of wellness based topics that are currently trending, searches for the Mayr Method Diet have soared by 3000% in recent weeks.

Part of this is due to Rebel Wilson openly crediting the diet for her weight loss and body transformation. But what actually is the Mayr Method?

Dr Harold Stossier from the Viva Mayr spa clinic in Austria created the diet from work previously published by Dr Franz Mayer, who made the link between better digestive health, an enhanced appearance, and improved overall health.

Within 14 days, it is claimed that the diet will help people to lose weight and improve their skin texture. 

Much of the ‘success’ is achieved by focusing on the way food is chewed – by chewing food properly, it makes it easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients. In addition, the diet advises avoiding big meals and suggests that meat should only be eaten earlier in the day.

Fashion Face Masks

Fashion Face Masks

With face masks becoming increasingly compulsory across the globe, people are keen to ensure that they still look good – this has helped the term ‘fashion face masks’ to become a summer trend!

From established companies to home startups, there are now a huge amount of businesses meeting the need for stylish yet effective face masks.

Some savvy firms are even making masks with their brand name on the front of the masks. 

Could you do the same? A free gift for customers and an opportunity to spread awareness of your business?

Rent to Own Electronics 

Summer 2020 trends

The coronavirus crisis is having a negative impact on the disposable incomes of most consumers, which has resulted in a big demand for rent to own electronics.

Faced with uncertain finances, people are choosing to rent rather than buy TV’s, computers, and game consoles. Google searches for these products have increased by 1000% in the past few months.

Again, for ambitious businesses this switch in demand presents an opportunity. Are there products or services you sell that could be provided on a rent to buy basis instead of buying outright?

Offering more flexibility may help your company to maintain or actually increase sales while your competitors dither.

Online Mental Health Support 

Searches for online mental health support have risen dramatically during the pandemic, with people now 4 times more likely to try and access mental health advice online. As the crisis continues and fears of a second wave linger, it is predicted that this could increase further.

One study from the UK found that people suffering from significant levels of mental distress rose from 18.9% of the population to 27.3% under lockdown conditions. These increases were greatest in those people aged from 18-34 years old, those with children, and females.

Loneliness is one challenge amongst the many benefits that home working can bring. For businesses, it is important to address employee wellbeing wherever the work location. This will reap long term rewards in enhanced employee loyalty and reduced staff turnover.

Dig Dating App 

Google searches for the Dig dating app have jumped by 1800% this summer!

Dig is an app that connects dog lovers who are looking to date other people who are dog friendly. After joining the site, users can select if they are a ‘dog lover’ or a ‘dog owner’ and choose options that will match them with their perfect partner.

They can then decide whether they want to pass, dig, or really dig the people they are matched with. Once a mutual connection is made, the app provides date ideas. Users also get regular discounts and deals from pet businesses.

It is interesting to note that other dating apps have seen a rise in demand this summer, perhaps as a response to the lack of social contact during lockdowns.

Bad Hair 

Searches for ‘bad hair’ or ‘sh*t hair’ increased by 700% at the start of summer as lockdowns continued!

Due to the temporary closure of hairdressing shops and salons, people were frantically looking for online advice and tutorials on hair care and home hair-cuts.

Like fashion face masks, this indicates that people are seeking ways to stay attractive while society adapts to the new normal of coronavirus.

How does this affect your business strategy? Provide more relevant blog content for your customers, including tips and tutorials on using your products in the home environment.


With search growth of 1250%, Parler is marketed as ‘an unbiased social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement.’ 

Promoting free speech and non-censorship of ideologies or political issues, the platform also promises not to sell personal data.

However, others have suggested it is heavily linked to right wing groups and may be a way for extremists to circumvent having their content banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It is one of Donald Trump’s favourite social media platforms – we will let you decide whether that is a good thing 🤐

Parler is similar to Twitter, but rather than tweets and retweets, there are ‘parleys’ and ‘echoes’.


The trends of Summer 2020 are unique, largely due to the fall-out from Covid 19.

Nevertheless, it is essential that brands are aware of these trends so they can subtly adjust their offerings in this changing environment.

Here are the key take-outs for businesses:

  • People are searching for wellness advice online. Diets, beauty tips and mental health care are important topics for consumers.
  • Renting rather than buying products is in demand. Can you change your service to match this trend?
  • Fashion face masks are a big thing. They also present an opportunity to be a walking billboard for your brand.
  • People are still seeking at-home tutorials for various products. Ensure your blog and video content is relevant to the current situation.
  • Censorship and freedom of speech are important topics for consumers. What stance will your business take on these matters?

Keeping aware of your customers requirements and responding to their feedback is essential to growing your business. 

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