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February 13, 2017

Hacking ZoomSphere: Collaborating without leaving ZoomSphere

Hi! Jakub, founder of Zoomsphere here! Recently I was thinking more deeply about the ways ZoomSphere fits into the workflows of brands and digital agencies that use us. Our Customer Care module is great for teams that work closely together. Any message, comment, or reply, that you receive across any of your connected social media channels can […]

December 9, 2015

How O2 Slovakia puts ZoomSphere to work in their social strategy!

We are really proud that O2 Slovakia chose ZoomSphere as their digital marketing and social media management tool. A brand as big as O2 has a clear strategy and image to work with so we wanted to see how ZoomSphere fit in. Social media can be tough for big brands as it is a very personal one-to-one […]

December 2, 2015

What do our Instagram Analytics look like?

Beautiful images have a way of connecting with people quickly and deeply, so it’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the world’s fastest growing social platforms. The network is a fertile ground for brands wanting to to engage with customers on an emotional level. We understand that brands need to measure the impact of their efforts and that’s […]

November 25, 2015

ZoomSphere now connects with Instagram!

We are excited to announce our first integration with Instagram to deliver Instagram Analytics to all our customers! This is the first step for ZoomSphere in offering powerful support for one of the Internet’s fastest growing social media platforms. You can now quickly retrieve detailed data on all your Instagram accounts by simply connecting the profiles you manage to ZoomSphere. 

November 23, 2015

What makes Cathay Pacific so special on social media?

Cathay Pacific has been performing strongly across social media thanks to popular hashtag campaigns supported by beautiful images. The brand has managed success using simple and relatable ideas, that are easy for customers engage with. The airline’s results have been impressive, and their team makes it look easy with social profiles full of interactions from passionate travellers. Dennis Owen is […]

September 16, 2015

ZoomSphere’s new functions for Customer Care across social media.

Today we released a brand new module to ZoomSphere – Customer Care.  As a brand management tool we understand the importance of managing customers effectively across social media platforms. Social media is becoming the preferred way for customers to communicate with brands because it is convenient and fast. With increased traffic on these channels it’s […]

September 14, 2015

Corporate Social Media Success Requires A Social Media Tool

Corporate Social Media Success Requires A Social Media Tool

Big brands need social media. The medium provides an opportunity for them to interact personally with a broad base of their customers in one place. Using a social platform they can broadcast to all of them, a segment, or just one person. Customers love to communicate using social media because it’s quick, convenient and transparent. People DO spend a […]

September 9, 2015

How hashtags help grow your social media networks.

Hashtags are a prominent feature across social media platforms and can be easily used by any brand to grow awareness. Hashtags allow you to add searchable keywords for social media posts

July 20, 2015

ZoomSphere’s Social Media Feed Module.

Get more from the Social Media Feed Module

(Video run time: 2’08”) In this video you can see how a Social Media Feed Module allows you to see the number of times a brand was mentioned across social media and the web. It also lets you see when and where it appeared and the top influencers who were talking about it.

April 8, 2015

ZoomSphere 9 Reasons Businesses Need Their Brand On Social Media

9 Reasons Businesses Need Their Brand On Social Media.

Still need convincing that social media is right for your brand? Here’s the 9 reason that no business can afford to deny! 1. Your customers are hanging out on social media so you should too. Customers from all demographics use a variety of social media channels so it’s important to have a presence there too. Brand visibility and […]

March 25, 2015

ZoomSphere Webinar Analytics

The Analytics Module [webinar video]

If you missed the ZoomSphere Analytic’s Module webinar you can watch it here whenever you like. The video is an introduction to the module so you can get in depth metrics on all your social media profiles and check out how your competitor’s are performing.

March 19, 2015

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