All the records are falling down, fans are going crazy, and both the cinematography and digital marketing are learning a new lesson on how to do things really huge. And I mean huge huge, we are talking about Avengers! Let’s have an in-depth look at the numbers among social media and digital communication behind that giant and see the analysis of Facebook, Instagram and web references (mentions).

Avenger’s Hype

Even your grandma probably heard about the supermen-ish movie which just went to the cinema. Avengers is a dream come through for every film-maker (fans too) and exciting opportunity for the marketing team. Which did a good job, indeed, but we’ll get to this. Let’s start with putting Avengers in some context.

There’ve been 21 movies together before the final part called Avengers: Endgame, which makes it the biggest storytelling we know so far. That also includes tens of main characters, meaning tens of big stars contributing to the whole buzz around as well. The Avengers: Infinity War (the previous part before the grand finale) went to cinemas on April 26, 2018, and one year later, April 24, 2019, Endgame went out. And a lot of things happened between – yes, we are talking about marketing!

Here is the thing, the whole movie cost $365 million, which is a lot. But what is really really a lot is the marketing budget – $200 million! 💸💸 You could make another blockbuster or two for such an amount of money. To say it paid off would be an underestimate, while Avengers is breaking every record in the first days of broadcasting (already became the fastest film to earn more than 2 billion dollars just in 11 days).

Superhero community

The MCU Universe is enormous, not only the imaginary one but also the online one. By the beginning of May 2019, the main Marvel Facebook account has more than 32 million fans, Avengers 15 million and the main characters are on a similar level. And those numbers are still growing up. As you can see below, only in April the increase was in total (Marvel account, Avengers and four main characters fans pages) almost 700 thousands of new followers on Facebook.

source: – Analytics module

Avenger’s Marketing Show

The very first official trailer was released on December 7, 2018, giving fans just a little insight with a lot of action and with more than 70 million views became the top-viewed video on YouTube. That’s also the time when the most significant attention around Avengers came, just check the Google Trends results below 👇

source: Google Trends

From the end of the March till the premiere, the video clips and TV teasers started to be released and, obviously, the trend became to increase again in the matter of web searching before the premiere in April (as the most of final clips were published).

Superhero lesson: Marvel bet on not showing much from the movie (after being criticized in Infinity War to do so), shared shots from the first 20 minutes and played with the impatience of its fans.

Facebook Universe

Ok, let’s dive into marvelous Facebook. The communication between superheroes started to be engaging with the very first trailer for Endgame (December 7, 2018). So we will take the data since November of the last year to see the flow of communication (half a year in total).

As supposed, the activity on all of the observed accounts had its peak few days before the premiere, but the communication started to raise right after the New Year (besides kicking off the first trailer, which was more visible within the user’s interaction, but about that later). In total, the main Marvel’s Pages shared 1502 posts during half a year!

source: – Comparison module

When it comes to interactions, the success isn’t just about the amount of shared post but also about the specific content. Releasing the first trailer caused a massive response on Facebook as well as later in the middle of March (14th) the second one. Altogether, this period shows a big increase in interactions compares to previous. For example, in the case of Marvel Page, it is unbelievable 970 %!

source: – Comparison module
source: – Comparison module
source: – Comparison module

In total, Pages Marvel and Avengers get 2 million new fans, on the other hand, the stand-alone pages lost but “only” around 500 thousand. Marvel Page received more than 2 million of interactions for all its post since November 2018. The most likable post was from Avengers, the first look on the new poster for Avengers: Endgame, with 98 624 likes!

source: – Comparison module
Avengers post receiving 98 624 likes.
Post with the most love reactions – 63 011.

Web Mentions

Marvel didn’t underestimate the power of social media, at the same time the buzz spread also on the web. According to our database of the most significant web sources in Europe, the interest was growing as the premiere was coming. Altogether, more than 6 thousand of web mentions appeared since the first trailer was released, and seems to be the most active in writing about the movie.

source: – Social media feed module

For this analysis, we used Google Trends and ZoomSphere analytics and comparison tools. Do you want to find out how does it work? Here are a couple of tips!