Are you struggling to get views on your social media videos?

At ZoomSphere, we are always keen to discover what makes a video go viral, so we thought it would be a good idea to research the most watched Twitter videos of 2020. 

Here’s what we found – take a look and see the recipes for success.


We discovered that videos giving valuable insights into the natural world tend to get a good amount of views.

This video, with more than 21 million views, shows the first time a badger and coyote travelling together has been caught on camera.

A unique moment which gives the audience a sense of wonder when the secrets of nature are exposed.


Videos including athletic feats and acts of strength often gain a wide reach on social media. Of course, it also helps if you are a famous sportsman to begin with!

In this recent clip, Mike Tyson shows that he still packs a formidable punch at 53 years of age.

The video racked up nearly 4 million Twitter views in the first few days since being published.


With over 9 million views, a simple video of a young deer meeting a young human quickly went viral.


The human-animal connection is a deeply embedded bond – this seemingly chance meeting is a welcome display of innocence and kindness in a world with so many problems.

Could you use more kindness in your marketing?


While innocence and joy often provokes an audience response, so too do disasters.

Several of the most watched Twitter videos of the year include scenes from the huge Australian wildfires.

In this example, the audience’s human compassion is provoked as the lady rescues a koala from a burning forest.


Short video posts that convey helpful information typically gain a good amount of views.

This video demonstrates just how effective soap and water can be in repelling germs and viruses. 

The fact that this information could help to save lives from coronavirus meant that it achieved millions of views.


When a real life situation combining children and humour is filmed, it’s almost guaranteed to get at least a few thousand views. This tweet did significantly better with several million!

A home CCTV system captures a young child helping themselves to a snack in the middle of the night, before running back to bed.

Often, these simple but amusing human stories go on to become viral videos.


Unsurprisingly, several of the most watched Twitter videos are connected to the coronavirus pandemic.

This iconic moment which saw nurses block the path of anti-lockdown protestors was captured on video. It is likely to well exceed the current view count of 22.5 million.

Judging by the video comments, the vast majority of the audience admire the nurses defiance and share solidarity with their actions.


Idris Elba was one of the first celebrities to tell the world they were coronavirus positive.

His initial video and follow up videos all accrued many millions of views, as he shared thoughts, emotions, and health updates as the days progressed.

Raw personal testimonies such as this are highly likely to get more viewer attention than polished marketing videos could ever accomplish.


The human brain likes surprises.

Each time we get a pleasurable surprise, our dopamine levels rise, which could explain why this video is so popular.

Asked to ‘finish the lyrics’ the lady demonstrates her stunning voice – a true ‘wow’ moment. Just watch the video and judge for yourself.


Ever repeatedly watched a video that makes you cringe?

It is hard not to feel sorry for Dr Birx as she reacts to possibly one of the most ludicrous suggestions ever made by a Government official. 

Most humans can relate to being put in an extremely awkward position by another person, and the look of bewilderment and disdain are there for all to see.


Did you notice the vital element that every one of these viral videos includes?

Regardless of topic, each video evokes a strong emotional response from the audience. From sadness to joy, the key take-out message is to make your videos mean something to your viewers.

Here’s a few ways this can be achieved:

  • Share personal stories – people can relate to how others are feeling, and show empathy by retweeting these posts
  • Make useful videos – by including insightful and educational information in your videos, it’s likely they will achieve more views
  • Show compassion and kindness – Helping other people is a surefire way to increase video engagement and your watch count. 
  • The natural world – When humans assist nature and try to make the planet a better place, video views skyrocket.
  • Surprise people – Pleasant surprises stimulate our minds, so if somebody in your business has a little known talent, be sure to feature them.
  • Use humour – Producing videos that make people laugh will definitely increase the number of shares, views, and likes.

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