Secret Videos

You can now upload videos to Facebook and mark them as ‘Secret’. This allows brands to host videos on Facebook and allow them to be viewed only by people with access to the URL. Secret videos can be embedded on other sites and then used to drive traffic back to Facebook. The URL could also be shared for exclusive content to specific audience members. Secret videos can’t be searched for and are only accessed by the URL.


More control over video sharing

– You can now select the audience for you videos by age and gender. Along with location and language that are already available you can know pinpoint your target demographics with more certainty.

– Videos can now be published directly to the Videos tab for your Page without appearing on the timeline at all.

– It is now possible to control whether or not videos can be embedded onto third party websites. This offers more control over where you videos can appear and more control over your own content.

– Videos can now die, but their metrics will live on. Facebook now lets you set a date for your videos to expire but still have access to all the insights normally generated.

More Customisation of video attributes

– It is now possible to use your own custom thumbnails or your own images for video previews. This is really useful because a great thumbnail can be the difference between a click and a ‘thumb flick’.

– Subtitles can be added to videos and made region specific. This is a great feature for global brands that can now easily tailor their videos for more audiences.

– Videos can now be organised into categories – not a killer new feature but handy all the same.

Less swearing at the computer

– It will soon be possible to resume video uploads! Anyone who has been uploading a video for 40 minutes just for the computer to go into screensaver/sleep mode and have to start again will understand. This is a great feature for saving time and frustration.

These features will all be accessible to all users within the next week and will be accessed from the Video Library section of your Page. The upgrades really bring Facebook into line with what YouTube has offered for a while so there is no real innovation here; the upgrades are great for Facebook marketers though because it allows more focus and less of a shotgun approach to curating and sharing video content. Facebook is inching towards becoming more of a ‘full service’ platform and less of a social network so try the features for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments.