From our landing page on the web and through each facet of our application, our attention to detail has been meticulous.

We discussed each every pixel and took the time to make sure every decision we made was the best one for our customers. We never want to burden them with useless information or features.

We have continued with the minimalistic trend that defines our software inside and out. Many hours were spent developing the simplest interface possible while maintaining all the functionality needed for powerful social media management, analytics and CRM. The team has been dedicated to making the user experience both intuitive and beautiful – and I am very happy with the result.

While ZoomSphere may look a little blander than other tools, it doesn’t take long to hover and click to reveal all the functionality you need, right where you expect it to be! There is no clutter on the screen and menus hide to give maximum visual focus on the desktop workspaces. There is a big emphasis on being able to see all the info you need quickly in the publishing module without any extra clicks for example. We strive for a unique visual look in ZoomSphere, we don’t copy global trends in UX or UI, because we have a unique product that delivers complete social media management. We have own way, own visions.

We only ask one thing of our customers –
what else do you want ZoomSphere to do?

Functionality continues to improve thanks to current and new customers. Our development process is simple – we listen to feedback and implement what is needed. We want you to be able to do more, faster and with better results. The new ZoomSphere is a powerful and beautiful tool that does more for your brand than ever before … and I would love you to try it!


Jakub Mach

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