Twitter takes TIME!
That’s the big secret no one tells you!

Thank new Followers properly.
Don’t just say thanks, go through their posts and respond with something you have learnt about them. Take the time to personalise your response to get their attention.

Twitter is a great research tool.
Get to know leads by scrolling through their feed and investigating their activity. Check their connections and see how they communicate and interact. This study takes time but it helps to build a great profile of the people you are looking to work with. Knowledge is power.

Broaden your hashtag horizons.
Search for new hashtags relevant to your industry to broaden your connection base. Different people use different hashtags; get to know what is used across your industry and search through them. You will find news ideas and new contacts in no time.

Be patient.
Sometimes on Twitter you have to wave your hand more than once to get attention, just like in real life. This takes patience and time. If someone doesn’t notice you straight away, be patient and engage again when it is timely and appropriate. Try waiting until there is a shared connection on content matter.

Actually read what people post!
Click their links and read the articles. See what interests them and how you can add value. Refer back to their posts so they know that you are a serious connection and can provide a fruitful relationship. Prove that you are really interested!

Be active and plan.
One hour a week won’t do it, one hour a day will. Schedule and plan your posts. Make time to work on your account, interacting with other users and looking for ways to add value to them.

Twitter is like radio in that it offers a one-to-one communication connection. Messages are sent, and they gain the attention of single entities directly. Make the messages meaningful so the recipient knows that you are serious about engaging them. Posting isn’t enough, you need to work on connecting and interacting with your Followers and the wider Twitter community.

Treat Twitter connections just like you would with people in real life. Treat people with professionalism, friendliness, and respect, then reap the rewards.