Videos are great for general instruction but often lack the depth needed for advanced users. Telephone support can be inconvenient (for both parties), costly, and resource intensive. Helpdesk tickets are a great way to organise inquiries but they’re notoriously slow. Waiting 2-3 days for support isn’t conducive to productivity and to be honest, in 2015, it isn’t necessary.

Our development team work hard to make our platform simple and intuitive. It’s designed so that even if you know nothing about ZoomSphere you can easily feel your way around and accomplish what you need to. We know that this isn’t always going to be possible, and that there will always be valid questions and more we can tell our customers. We discovered quickly that email alone wasn’t going to be enough to manage our customers questions effectively. We were using one email address to funnel our support enquiries and as we grew we couldn’t give our customers the best information or attention they deserved. Another solution was needed. We needed a tool that could:

– facilitate fast two way communication
– segment our customers to better serve them
– easy to implement
– easy to use

After some searching we decided that Intercom could deliver what we needed. It sits as an unobtrusive question mark in the bottom right of our app’s screen.

Bottom right corner - ready to help!
Bottom right corner – ready to help!

With one click from a customer a chat window is opened, our team is notified and the best person for the inquiry leaps into action. Our team takes pride in solving problems friendly and fast. Intercom’s mobile app means that we can respond and engage with users anywhere and at anytime. For us there is no substitute for this real time interaction that Intercom allows us to provide to our customers.

So why write a post about a tool a social media tool is using?
Because it is helping us deliver amazing customer service that is noticed by our customers.

Intercom ZoomSphere Customer Care

ZoomSphere Intercom Customer CareIntercom lets us engage with our users on their terms. All we have to do is be ready with the answers. Michal Kmet from O2 Slovakia has also been impressed by the sheer speed of the service we have been able to provide for our customers.

With other applications, it happens far too often that I can only get a link to the solution, or I have to take time logging in to see the answer. With ZoomSphere I have it right there all the time with knowledgeable and helpful people.

We know that when a customer asks a question it is an amazing opportunity to evangelise and educate about our tool. Our software is always evolving and improving so it is really important that our customers can contact us whenever they have a problem. We’re a global company with customers all over the world and across several different time zones so that need can come at anytime. Intercom makes it easier to share our passion and most importantly saves our customers time and frustration.

Test our customer service and our social media tool by starting your trial today.