Facebook is convinced that stories are the future of social sharing. Through its actions, it proves that Facebook is doing everything that can encourage its users to create as much content as possible for their platform. As a continuation of those efforts, Facebook continued the initiative with Facebook Stories by testing the new format with its separate Stories Discovery Page. You can access this option by tapping “See All Stories” underneath the main Facebook Stories bar.

New Format of Stories Discovery Page Is In a Testing Process

In the photo below, you can see, among other things, larger panels for specific stories, which is somewhat similar to the larger panels that Instagram uses for its IGTV, Stories, and Shopping highlights in its Explore tab.

Although Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today says: “It still feels like a bit of an uphill push from Facebook to encourage Facebook Stories adoption,” yet 500 million Facebook users engage with Stories every day. 

That is 30% of all Facebook activity every day. With this in mind, as well as the fact that more and more younger users who are very close to Stories feature are coming on the platform, e can state that Facebook Stories cannot be ignored. It may be that Facebook is still right in saying that Stories could be the future of the app. 

In this context, improving discovery could be crucial, and aligning the format with Instagram’s Explore seems like a logical way to make it a more engaging surface.

It should be noted that Facebook was doing some testing of this option last June when Ahmed Ghanem shared a picture of the same “All Stories” option on Twitter. It is noticeable that at that stage, it did not show the larger panels that you can see in this iteration.

Can FB Stories Succeed as Instagram Stories?

Facebook seems to have put its most reliable cards on Facebook Stories as the future of that (and not just that) platform. The fact is that they have specific data that underpins these Facebook moves, as well as upcoming trends indicating that stories are becoming more prevalent across the platforms. Also, it seems that Stories are not as well adopted on Facebook as on some other platforms where users rather use them. 

All of these are facts and impressions, but given the evolution of Facebook from its inception to this day, something tells us that we should still wait and see the final results.