There are plenty of products on our list that make you say “Yes, I need this right now!” Well, this is not that case, yet the idea is great, and it catches the attention.


As mentioned above, here is a “new” feature some actually might crave for. On April Fool’s Day Tinder introduced a solution to the problem of men lying about their height on the dating app –  a new height verification feature. Coming soon!


One of the biggest online photobanks went quite serious on April Fool’s Day, and it is good to say this: No, there won’t be the largest physical library with 250 million volumes of watermarked images or 27 tons of film reels. #stayonline

Shutterstock to open an actual brick-and- mortar stock library

Move over The Library of Congress! We are pleased to announce Shutterstock is opening the world’s largest brick-and-mortar stock library in Brooklyn next year. Learn more here:

Zveřejnil(a) Shutterstock dne Neděle 31. března 2019


The sky is the limit in Google, so why not to take a bunch of scientists to study the communication between plants (Dutch tulip) and come up with a device enabling you to talk to your tulip? I actually really need this one to chatter with my cactus. The joke is awesome, and you have to love the details and passion shared between both scientists and flower owners.


Talking about passion and science, Waymo nailed it just the same way as Google. All the pet managers really seem to do their best to design perfect Waymo Pet – an autonomous car service exclusively for pets. All based on pure data!


Online grocery delivery service FreshDirect keeps up with the times and follows trends. And because the alternatives to milk business are stronger every day, the brand came with its own, Caulk, made from cauliflower. The “clouds that have been pureed” looks delicious, doesn’t?


Speaking of generational problems, the BBC hit the nail on the head. The iPlayer received the significant update – a “skip the sex” button for all awkward erotic scenes children and parents have to watch together. Why this has to be a joke?


Going back to your childhood, this would be a real deal breaker. Lego has our full support to work on its app Find My Brick 🙏🙏


Last but on least is Kia’s new steering wheel inspired by Tinder. As Millenials are the target group (again), the new device replaces the wheel with a touchscreen enabling them simply swipe left or right to turn the car. What is the name for that excellent improvement are you asking? Finger Operated Optimum Lever (FOOL).

“If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.”

Jay Baer