The autumn is here, and so is the strongest commerce and marketing part of the year. Even though we struggle with the new normal, marketing agencies keep bringing their best pieces in the next couple of weeks. Let’s together look at how they started in September and see whose Facebook and Instagram posts gained the most interactions. Here we go!


Firstly, let’s start with Facebook.

In viaggio verso l'autunno.

Gepostet von Hub09 – Brand People am Dienstag, 22. September 2020

The biggest number of interactions per post wins in September, the Italian marketing agency Hub09 – Brand People. The autumn vibes here are full-on with a simple copy saying: “Traveling towards autumn.”

Quando il packaging fa le fusa.Image from Design You Trust

Gepostet von Hub09 – Brand People am Freitag, 11. September 2020

And the second place goes to the same agency with a post showing smart, funny and absolutely lovable offline marketing. Here you can see an example of a powerful offline that became very fast an online viral. And that we call jackpot, am I right? 😎 The translation of the post text is “When the packaging purrs.”

È ora di buttare la pasta! Ma dov'è il tempo di cottura? Non riesci a trovarlo?Se vuoi che i produttori di pasta…

Gepostet von Hub09 – Brand People am Mittwoch, 30. September 2020

Hub09 – Brand people achieved even the third place with their post focused on very hot topic (and not only in Italy) – cooking pasta. Bring on food is usually a safe strategy to encourage a discussion and here it worked perfectly. The post actually came up with an idea we all wish for: “Time to throw in the pasta! But where is the cooking time? Can’t find it? If you want pasta manufacturers to write the largest cooking time, react with a ❤, or with a 😠 if your answer is no.”

4 x klinec, 2 x shortlist! Wow, ďakujeme! Mega tešíme pretože veríme, že na týchto kampaniach vidno nadšenie, s akým…

Gepostet von Zaraguza am Montag, 21. September 2020

The next place brings us to Slovakia and a marketing agency called Zaraguza. Their post deserves plenty of attention since it shows their great marketing competition results. “4 x nail, 2 x shortlist! Wow, thank you! We are mega excited because we believe that the enthusiasm with which we created them can be seen in these campaigns. ZARAGUZA ❤ Slovenská sporiteľňa 💪”

#WRZESIEŃ2021 #ZłotyKalendarz2021Radość września? Ostatnie podrygi letniej pogody. 🌞 Jak należy je świętować? Beata…

Gepostet von GoldenSubmarine am Dienstag, 1. September 2020

Super-successful was also o post from polish agency GoldenSubmarine promoting a Gold Calendar for 2021 showing how to celebrate last summer days with dance. “#SEPTEMBER2021 #Gold Calendar2021 Joy of September? The last bouts of summer weather. 🌞 How should they be celebrated? Beata Brauła proposes a dance routine! 👯‍♀️”

Charlescannon is proud to #CreateChange by being the lead creative agency this #WorldHeartDay 2020. #UseHeart to create change. ❤️

Gepostet von charlescannon am Montag, 28. September 2020

Next place? Switzerland! The Charlescannon agency became a proud lead creative agency in this year’s #WorldHeartDay 2020, and their fans appreciated it.

“Non fare annunci, fai TikToks”: è questo il nuovo payoff con il quale è stato presentato TikTok for business. Scopriamo insieme la nuova piattaforma!

Gepostet von BEWE am Donnerstag, 24. September 2020

TikTok is quite a big deal for a long time already, and marketers are moving their focus there. Italian BEWE showed us, spend a lot of money isn’t the key to success, rather you need to think where all your energy should be. And fans agreed. “Do not advertise, make TikToks”: this is the new payoff with which TikTok for business was presented. Let’s discover the new platform together!”

📰 We got published!#MarkYourSpotAndStaySafe καμπάνια από την Terra Nation Greece σε συνεργασία με τη…

Gepostet von MEDIACUBE am Mittwoch, 9. September 2020

Greek agency MEDIACUBE also shared their recent successful campaign on Facebook: “📰 We got published! #MarkYourSpotAndStaySafe campaign by Terra Nation Greece in collaboration with MEDIACUBE! Considering the special conditions of this year, we spent our summer creating our personal space on the beach and enjoying the sea while staying safe with Terra Nation Greece products. #MEDIACUBE #TerraNation”

Tento rok sme si ZLATÝ KLINEC online užili v 4k. Je to náš doteraz najúspešnejší ročník, získali sme 4 klince za 4 rôzne…

Gepostet von This is Locco am Montag, 21. September 2020

And finally, we come back to Zaraguza and their success in the marketing competition “Zlatý klinec”. “This year, we enjoyed ZLATÝ KLINEC online in 4k. Our most successful year so far, we got 4 nails for 4 different jobs, and 3 shortlists. We thank Amnesty International Slovakia, Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, Cesta von, Towercom, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, and NajZáž” Congratulations! 🥳


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Rebirth of a Finnish legacy brand. BOND and Kalevala Jewelry has worked in close collaboration with the delicate task of reviving and modernising their brand while at the same time strengthening the bond to their past and backstory. In this process was also the merger of Lapponia into the main brand and a name change to simply Kalevala. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As a centre piece of the launch BOND created the platform VALA, meaning OATH. By simply removing four letters in the brand name, we found a way for Kalevala to clearly express their values in a way that ties directly to their name. Meidän Vala. Our Oath. Vapauden Vala. An Oath to Freedom. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Full case coming soon at ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @kalevalaofficial #kalevala #brandidentity #brandnarrative #motiongraphics #logodesign #packaging #graphicdesign #copywriting #marketing #film #artdirection #storytelling #commercial #filmproduction

A post shared by BOND (@bond_creative) on

Are you really proud of your recent work? It’s time to show it and let everyone know! Brand and Experience Design Agency Bond shared an image from their cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry, explaining the process and idea hidden behind the campaign.

The second place also goes to the agency sharing their campaign, this time it’s Forsman & Bodenfors working for Volvo cars. In the post, you can see catching and powerful video showing a Volvo car in a typical parent time, saving both diaper crisis and life.

The third best IG post is from an agency called Heydays. In their post, you can see them presenting the new brand identity of one of their clients.

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This post is specially culer-friendly. Recently we came up with the concept and visuals for the launch of @fcbarcelona's 20/21 Away Kit. The new kit is all black, because when #thecoloursarewithin you don't need 🔵 or 🔴 You can see it in action next Wednesday against Celta de Vigo 💪 Este post es especialmente culers friendly. Recientemente hemos creado el concepto y el visual de la campaña de lanzamiento de la 2ª Equipación 20/21 del @fcbarcelona, que es negra porque, cuando #loscoloresvanpordentro, no necesitas ni 🔵ni 🔴. Podréis verla en acción el próximo miércoles contra el Celta de Vigo 💪 #graphicdesign #artdirection #illustration #branding #3d #visualidentity #vasava #vasavastudio #collectgraphics #creativeboom #creativereview #designfeed #digitalarchive #fcb #GraphicDesignCentral #graphicdesigndaily #GraphicGang #Graphicroozane #graphicindex #icographica #selectedwork #SupplyAndDesign #theartidote #thedesignblacklist #thedesignblog #TDKpeepshow

A post shared by Vasava (@vasavastudio) on

Spanish Vasava studio was successful with its recent post showing new concepts and visuals for the launch of FC Barcelona’s 20/21 Away Kit.

Sugar focuses on PR for a sustainable lifestyle, and in this post, they point out the problematic of (not)understanding terms. “Sustainability is a megatrend – thankfully! The world needs change and factors, and companies want to do things better and change the world. But how to differentiate responsible behavior from greenwashing? We decided to make greenwashing bonga easier by listing in English and Finnish words that are unfortunately sometimes also used for the wrong purpose; to confuse and distract from the essential issues. Take over the responsibility glossary at Sugar Universe (link in profile)! 🧐⚡️ #greenwashing #responsibility”

The agency Heydays and their client Choose today to get in our top 10 list twice, this Time in sixth place with this cute, pink post.

Once more, Heydays agency in seventh place, this time they showed visuals for their client Wanda, new storage service.

Top 8 is a Dutch creative digital production company MediaMonks that announced a merger with another Dare agency.Win. They are pretty excited about the news and also are Instagram followers from seeing it in the cool video. (The dynamic of the video is amazing!)

Bleed design is a multi-disciplinary design agency, and in their recent post, they introduce a new logo and identity for their client. And it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

And lastly, we get back to the new Volvo commercial, this time shared on Instagram by Forsman & Bodenfors.

Here you see the whole ZoomSphere Agency Report that we update each month. The data are divided into Top agencies by number of fans, Top agencies by number of new fans, and Top agencies by number of interactions. The results are for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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