Marketing is always evolving. That’s why continuous learning is a must if you want to stay on top of your game. Attending marketing events, where you can interact with other professionals and get your networking game on, is a primary way to improve your skills and expand your reach. 

Whether you’re a social media, SEO, content, data, or a video specialist, there’s an event catered to your needs. And it just so happens that we’ve put together a list of conclusive marketing events where you can rub shoulders with the very best. Read on, and discover our top 10 events for markers around the world

Disclaimer: Covid-19 means that some of these events may be moved online or rescheduled in 2020. We’ve noted which ones take place virtually and which conferences are still scheduled at their venues. 

1) Social Media Week

Who needs just one event when you can have an entire week? Social Media Week is even more impressive because it takes place multiple times throughout the year in different countries. It’s one of the world’s premier conferences for professionals in media, marketing, and technology. 

Attending one of the conferences provides professionals with insight, ideas, and opportunities. Social Media Week is hosted in 25-plus countries and features more than 10,000 speakers. Its overall global reach is a whopping 600 million. 

Online or offline? 

Social Media Week’s flagship conference in London takes place in October and is currently scheduled to go ahead as normal. 

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2) ContentTECH Summit

With more than 10 years of experience hosting cutting-edge events, ContentTECH Summit helps cut through the noise. Learn how to marry content and technology to provide better marketing services that will change the way we work over the course of the next five years. 

Practitioners and experts in content technology and marketing strategy are on hand to provide their expert advice. Whether you’re a VP, director, digital market, or customer experience ContentTECH Summit will have something for you. 

Online or offline?

This year’s ContentTECH Summit takes place in August and will be a virtual event

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Online marketing events 2020

3) Social Media Strategies Summit

Listen to some of the best minds in social media strategy over four days during June. Fifty speakers will share their knowledge at Social Media Strategies Summit, as well as case studies and prioritizing in the short and long term. 

Learn how to connect with your customers and support them through their social media journey. And get the all-important insights into marketing practices that will be shaping the industry over the next 12 months. 

Online or offline?

Social Media Strategies Summit happens in June and is a online event for 2020.

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4) The Global Digital Transformation Conference

The London-based Global Digital Transformation Conference (virtual in 2020) hosts more than 30 speakers who provide their digital marketing expertise. Pick the brains of some of the industry’s finest, including one-to-one access. 

This conference will immerse you in the world of digital, challenging the way you think digitally. Hear about new digital strategies and how organizations and companies have adapted to the latest trends to provide more efficient services to their clients and customers. 

Online or offline?

2020’s Global Digital Transformation Conference takes place in June and is completely online

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5) Leadscon Las Vegas

If you’re looking to improve your lead generation game, Leadscon is the event you need to attend. It draws more than 2,500 attendees, all of which are focused on lead generation and performance marketing. 

You can expect networking events at the conference, as well as keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions. Discover new strategies and unique insights that will help you start nurturing and converting more quality leads. 

Online or offline?

Leadscon Las Vegas happens between September 30th and October 2nd and is currently scheduled for Las Vegas.

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6) Content Marketing Summit

The largest content marketing event in the Asia Pacific, Content Marketing Summit takes place in Tokyo and provides an in-depth look at one of marketing’s most valuable practices. From great minds to savvy brands, discover how to master the arts of content marketing. 

The expansion of digital media and social media has made content marketing an essential component of any strategy. Find out why content marketing is important to your business and how to monetize your content in a digital world. 

Online or offline?

Content Marketing Summit is currently scheduled to take place in Tokyo on September 23rd

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7) Web Summit

One of the best web technology conferences in the world, the Web Summit takes place every year in Lisbon. Thousands of talks take place across 23 stages, covering everything from SaaS practices in marketing to data science. 

Over 70,000 people attend, meaning Web Summit is a great place to network and converse with like-minded people. Huge brands like Amazon, Google, and KPMG endorse and participate in Web Summit. 

Online or offline?

Web Summit is scheduled to take place in Lisbon in November.

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8) Affiliate World Conferences

Affiliate Marketing is an essential cog in the wider marketing ecosystem, and the Affiliate World Conferences in Barcelona is an opportunity to gather insightful information. Network with the industry’s brightest minds and make important contacts. 

The conference takes place over two days in one of Spain’s favorite cities and gets more than 3,000 attendees. Those in attendance can look forward to 30-plus speakers from 110 different countries and 150 different affiliate networks. 

Online or offline?

The Barcelona conference takes place in June and is a virtual event

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9) Click, Engage, Convert

If you’re based in Melbourne, Australia, and are a small business, Click, Engage, Convert is the networking event for you. The conference focuses on digital marketing and social media, giving small businesses the tools they need to succeed. 

Learn how to build brand awareness, generate engagements, and drive traffic with a host of key speakers who are experts in their field. Take a strategic approach to marketing and discover the best-practices methods in social media. 

Online or offline?

Click, Engage, Convert is currently scheduled to take place in Melbourne this October

Learn more about Click, Engage, Convert

10) Growth Marketing Summit

Discover how to grow digitally at the Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s known as one of Europe’s best conferences for digital growth and optimization and has excellent speakers at the forefront of their industries. 

Speakers include CEOs and founders, content marketing leads, full-stack designers, conversion copywriters, and more. The summit is focused on data-driven and customer-centric approaches that can help build your business.

Online or offline?

Growth Marketing Summit takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 1st September

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The best around

There you have it — 10 of the best events around. And while Covid-19 might impact some of the physical versions of these conferences, it seems that they will still go online. That means you can still tap into a world of expertise and increase your social media marketing — and wider marketing — knowledge.

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