Once you started your career in social media marketing, you found out that it is a complex process of logic steps you have to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of more or less helpful tools helping you with it. Here is a bunch of those, which won’t cost you anything and yet are great to work with.


Google Trends

It makes no surprise that we start our list with Google. While the AdWords Keyword Planner shows you basic data about specific keywords, Google Trends let you see how the search trends change over time.

How does it work? It is very simple. Type in your keyword and Google gives you the relative popularity of it over the time you choose (starting one hour ago up to 2004 – present). Besides the strength of your theme, you can also see in which regions it resonate the most, or what are the most related topics and queries.

Answer the Public

This tool is a beautiful one, introducing you a cool elderly man full of the all online wisdom you wish for. And because we marketers have the answers, more importantly, we are seeking the right questions. That’s basically what Answer the Public is good for and more – it finds questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals, and related searches. And again, it is damn cool.

KW Finder

As the name already tells you, KW Finder is a pretty handy tool when it comes to search keywords, and even though it is a paid software, you can make a good use out of its free version (5 lookups per 24 hours. 50 keywords suggestions per search and 100 backlinks per 24 hours). Within that, you can see search volume, trends, or Google search results page for selected keywords and more.



Canva is possibly one of the most popular among free tools. Here you can easily create images, posters, visuals and so on for any use that crosses your minds (social media and blogs mainly). The most significant advantage in my point of view is the simplicity and super user-friendly environment.

PhotoScape X

Another very easy to go and user-friendly tool for those who want to make their visuals better is PhotoScape X. Besides plenty of modules for editing your picture, you can easily create GIFs to spicy your content little bit. By the way, they are great both for entertain your audience as well as to show instructions, process or recipe for example.


The last of this trio is not that much about visuals as pictures or video but the look of your texts. You might know Grammarly is helping you with spelling and grammar and some stylistic stuff as well when you pay for it. However, Hemingway is a pretty simple, yet clever tool to check the structure of a text. Its goal is to make the article simple and edit into a clear writing easy to read after analyzing your text properly👇


Google Analytics

What is the best (not only) marketing decision? That one based on data. And for that, you need a tool to measure it for you. With Google Analytics you can watch the visitors on your web, their behavior, traffic, channels via they came or the conversions of your website. Long story short, there is plenty of information you can go through, and that will give a very clear idea of your web’s condition.

Facebook Analytics

As the biggest social media platform, Facebook gives marketers pretty nice options to track users behavior. It makes no surprise – Facebook handles an enormous amount of data, and also support brands and companies to spend their money on advertising. You can quickly discover the demographics of your audience, reach, engagement and so on.

💡Tip: Track your performance on social media platforms, and keep an eye on your competition is an essential part of a success communication. Detailed analysis of all channels, comparison or social listening among the internet are the best help you can have. Check out how to do it, and be sure about your every marketing step.


This tool is showing you exactly where are your visitors moving on the website or doing exactly, via heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, and visitor recordings. This is a great option also for your B2B blogs to find out what is the exact behavior when reading, what catches the attention or should be catching more.



What can be more annoying than looking for other company’s emails? Well, there are plenty of things, but still, nobody likes that activity and we were hungry for a clever tool doing it instead of us. And it exists! Webdef search by any business website all company email addresses and constantly it updates. The free version enables you to make a maximum of 200 searches per month.


Sniply is a smart tool enabling you to easily add a CTA button to any page on the web, allowing you to engage your followers through every link you share. This is useful mainly in cases when you share an article from different publisher or web, and via sniply you can add link bringing readers to your own website.

Content Idea Generator

This last one is a special one indeed, for those moments when you run out of inspiration. As you know, the headline is a big deal when it comes to writing your blog posts, and Content Idea Generator is here to help you with that. Just type in the subject you want to write about, and the topic with its possible headline is here ready for you. You can also keep clicking on until you find the perfect one. If nothing else, it’s so cool 🤩

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit