How are marketing agencies doing on their social media platforms? Every month we analyze their accounts to see, who did the best job when it comes to interacting with fans, engagement, or increase of the fanbase. Let’s see who “won the popularity chart” by interactions and check the best posts!

Agency report

Every month you can see updated Agency report on the website in the section with free tools. It is available and free for everyone interested in data collected from all significant European marketing agencies. The data are later evaluated and show the total number of fans, number of new fans, and number of interactions.

And here are the most successful agencies and posts in May 2019 – top five for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!



2 Súper Tú

3 Relevance Digital Agency

We are proud to welcome The BEAT App to our family! We will be working on Performance Marketing for the fastest growing ride-hailing App and one of the most successful, technologically innovative and disruptive companies in Greece. We are thrilled to be on this ride together! #teamrelevance #thebeatapp #relevanncedigitalagency

4 Hub09 – Brand people

5 Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations


1 arsthanea

2 vasavastudio

3 lolamullenlowe

4 betcparis

Our new campaign for @lacoste sublimated by Caesarized actors Oulaya Amamra & Kevin Azaïs 💕🐊

5 heydaysoslo



2 BETC Paris

3 MediaMonk


“The media have a great diffusion capacity but they are losing credibility. For VOX are one more opposition party, “Manuel Mariscal, Vice-secretary of communication @vox_es #ComunicaciónPolítica for

5 adam&eveDDBBOOM

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