It is that time of the season when you start looking for colorful eggs and magical bunnies hopping around. Undoubtedly, time runs faster than we think. It feels like New Year was just a few days ago and we are already into pepping up for the Easter holidays. 

While traditions and customs remain throughout the seasons, few things need to be unique and fresh every year to keep things going smoothly. I am talking about the social media marketing campaigns that businesses undertake to grab every opportunity by its ear and make the best of it. 

Every year businesses come up with some of the most innovative and creative ideas to relate to their audience in a personal way. In this article, I will shed light on some of the awesome social media campaigns that were quite successful in capturing the spirit of Easter. 

IKEA Flat Pack Chocolate Easter Bunny

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Who said Easter is just for chocolate companies? If you have the right mindset, maybe you can come up with something as IKEA did to take on a seasonal campaign outside of its comfort zone. 

IKEA fit itself into a market that was previously foreign by making what they were good at – flat packing. By combining their flat packing with some awesome chocolate goodness they introduced a flat packed chocolate Easter bunny called Varkansla. The package included instructions to assemble the flat-pack into a 3D bunny.

Varkansla quickly got huge traction on social media and IKEA handles were filled with fun compliments praising their creativity and drive. 

Hotel Chocolat: The Beau Bunny

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Hotel Chocolat has been running a successful Easter campaign for quite a few years now. Their strategy is simple but works year after year. Beau Bunny is like a contest where people are given chances to win a range of presents. One contest was to find a giant floating egg from a series of pictures and winners were given a basket of Easter goodies. 

Hotel Chocolat even runs its own bunny twitter handle to promote the campaigns and one should appreciate their bunny for being diligent and successful. 

Marmite Easter Egg

Marmite is another brand that is usually not associated with Easter or bunnies. But who says no to any chance at gaining internet visibility! Marmite teamed up with Asda and brought in a new campaign by advertising a 100% vegetarian Yeastier egg. It made them relevant to the seasonal sales and helped boost up Asda’s sales in just 12 weeks. 

Their tagline itself was true to their style of marketing “You either love it or hate it, you just have to try it”. The campaign got loads of shares and went viral. Whether people loved it or not, they did talk about it a lot. 

Marmite was not scared of controversies. On the contrary, they embraced it to gain more visibility. Making people talk about your brand itself is a great achievement for a campaign and Marmite was able to achieve it perfectly. 

Haribo: Double Hooker Competition

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Haribo is a non-chocolate based sweet brand that needed some extra boost in their sales during the Easter season. They came up with a simple yet fun and quirky contest #HuntTheDoubleYolker. All a customer has to do is to buy a pack of Haribo’s limited edition Starmix and see if there is a double hooker egg inside. If they did find one, they could win a UK family holiday. 

Sounds fun and simple, right? By making this simple campaign well-known throughout their brand packaging and social media handles, Haribo did enjoy a good Easter season. 

White Cadbury’s Creme Egg

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Cadbury ran a literal Easter egg hunt with a chance to win a decent amount of money. They launched limited edition white creme eggs during the Easter season and rigorously campaigned for their Easter egg hunt on all social media and offline advertising channels. They hide their White Creme Eggs among their visual ads and social media posts for consumers to spot them and win prizes.  

They went on full war mode with last year’s campaign by launching a dedicated website for a countrywide Easter egg hunt and the prize amount was announced to be 10,000 pounds. The hunt was quite successful with several people adding their white creme egg finds to Instagram posts and Facebook posts. 


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What does a world-famous brewery do when it’s Easter? Maybe they would make the best candy bar there is. And that’s exactly what Carlsberg did in 2016 as part of a marketing campaign that goes by the name #IfCarlsbergDidChocolateBars. Carlsberg wanted to show if they did chocolate bars, those would be the most awesome chocolate bars ever. The ad showed a huge rectangular Chocolate bar nicely wrapped up

 When the wrapper came off, people found that it was not a chocolate bar but was an entire candy bar made out of chocolate.  They made a bar all made out of chocolate outside their brewery. The hashtag was created to share their awesome candy bar where one can take a sip of beer from a chocolate glass. The innovativeness and unique tie-up with Easter was welcomed warmly by social media users. 

Co Op : Good Egg Campaign

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Co Op tried to go the sentimental way and designed a campaign where ‘good eggs’ among the public were identified by a series of videos. By using hidden cams and actors acting out certain scenarios Co Op was able to capture some of the heartfelt good deeds on camera and compiled them into a neat video that got a huge following on YouTube and other social media. 

Well, everyone likes to be reminded that good eggs still exist especially in the Easter season. The eggsperiment videos show acts of kindness like helping a man with broken arms eat a sandwich, picking up dropped groceries, lending a tie and showing the goodness around us.

The Next Steps

So, these were just some of the various creative Easter campaigns that won our hearts! We will keep our eyes on more such interesting campaigns, till then, don’t forget to subscribe to us to receive your daily dose of social media insights in your inbox.