Twitter brought the option of pinning Twitter Lists and accessing them as alternative feeds for Android devices, providing another way to see your list streams. Twitter List is a curated group of Twitter accounts that allows you to create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others.

Twitter first launched the option on iOS last September, so it took a surprisingly long time to arrive on Android, giving us another way to browse through tweet content and make it easier to access their lists.

The Android app, like the iOS app, allows users to pin up to five selected lists from their “Settings” list, and appear as feeds from the home timeline. Through the gray markers under the heading of each, you can see where you are in your funnels. This option provides more ways for users to access specific discussions on the platform, which can make it a more engaging and interactive experience. Simply, using a Twitter list keeps you organized. Keeping in mind that the Twitter stream is moving too fast, it is almost impossible for users to be able to see the tweets from the people that matter most to you all the time. 

Twitter has been looking to make topics more focused on late by providing more tools to help users stay in touch with various subjects, as opposed to just following individual profiles. And that approach seems to be working as Twitter added 26 million more active users, over the past year based on its own mDAU count.

Even though Twitter hasn’t provided any data on how widespread the option has been so far on iOS, this seems to be a useful option and could appeal to Android users.