This week there have been rumours that Twitter is looking to increase the 140 character limit on the micro-blogging platform to 10 000 characters. The 10 000 character limit matches the limit for direct messages so the positive correlation across the platform make sense. According to Kurt Wagner from re/code a change has been in the pipeline for a while as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey seeks a way to breathe new life into his social platform. Re/code reports that ‘multiple sources’ have said that the project is titled ‘Beyond 140’ and will be released at the of March this year. According to Wagner –

Twitter is currently testing a version of the product in which tweets appear the same way they do now, displaying just 140 characters, with some kind of call to action that there is more content you can’t see. Clicking on the tweets would then expand them to reveal more content.

It’s definitely a nifty solution – but to a problem that doesn’t seem to exist! After all, the character limit is what made Twitter great in the first place. Without this limit what’s left to make Twitter truly unique? The limit has made users commit to a special kind of creativity that only comes with brevity. To allow the Twittersphere longer Tweets essentially relegates the platform back a step to what is essentially a fancy messageboard or forum, with cover and profile pics that resemble Facebook anyway. Watch this space!

What do you think, should Twitter #Enforcethe140?