The summer is the time of vacations, festivals and time spent with family and friends. And very often it’s time when you are wondering what should you do about your content when your audience is busy with doing all the above mentioned. Well, some inspiration and social media data might be handy, right? Here it is – ultimate summer 2019 content analysis!

Fill In The Calendar

Let’s start with the (rich) list of international and special days, which are always a good help when you are out of ideas. Besides, some of them can perfectly fit your business, and you can come up with more activities tied to it.

💡Tip: Also, don’t forget about major national or international sport events such as Champions League final (1 June), Wimbledon (1-14 July), or Tour de France (6-28 July).


1 – Global Day of Parents
1 – International Children’s Day
3 – World Bicycle Day
5 – World Environment Day
7 – National Donut Day

8 – World Ocean Day
14 – World Blood Donor Day
16 – Father’s Day
17 – World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought
20 – World Refugee Day
21 – International Yoga Day
21 – National Selfie Day
23 – Public Service Day
26 – International Day Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking
30 – Social Media Day


2 – World UFO Day
6 – International Day of Cooperatives
7 – World Chocolate Day
11 – World Population Day
15 – Give Something Away Day
17 – World Emoji Day

18 – Nelson Mandela Day
18 – Get to Know Your Customers Day
30 – International Day of Friendship


1-7 – Worlds Breastfeeding Week
8 – International Cat Day
9 – National Book Lovers Day
10 – National Lazy Day
12 – International Youth Day
13 – International Lefthanders Day
16 – National Tell a Joke Day
19 – World Humanitarian Day
26 – National Dog Day
26 – National Women’s Equality Day
29 – International Day against Nuclear Tests

Write your chosen days in the publishing calendar to not forget about them as ideas and finish them just at the right time. You shouldn’t overdo it, but time to time it’s cool to refresh your feed with some of them.

The publishing calendar in ZoomSphere with first ideas for international days.

Trending Topics On Social Media

To predict the trending topics for the new season is tricky, but you can pretty safely start with hot issues of the past year and watch their growth. At the end of last year, Facebook has released a report with key trends of 2018, which are most probably being even more significant in 2019. From that, those are topics related to summer you should keep in mind!


Summer is about traveling and exploring new places. When it comes to that, the trend is about adventure. Rather than luxury all-inclusive holidays, nature and wilderness are arising its popularity. Altogether with the trend of low cost traveling the top three items on Facebook trending list is glamping, via ferrata and zip lines.

California Dream

The West Coast lifestyle is spreading far away from the borders of California. The trend of spending time in the sand and sun is rising up as more and more people come here to vacation or for work. In connection with that, the trend is on activities such as beach soccer, paddleboarding, and wakesurfing.

Eco And Sustainability

One of the most significant topics across the world is eco-consciousness, spreading across categories like beauty, fashion, food, or travel. This goes to many topics such as freeganism (reducing one’s consumption), sustainable fashion, recyclable food containers, and straws, and even the commerce follow “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

Health Before Weight

Summer is also the bikini time, which for many means weeks of dieting and losing weight. But the positive trend shows that people are much more careful about their health rather than scale, look for specific ingredients helping them strengthen their body and soul. For example, those are eucalyptus, kimchi, or turmeric.

The health perspective comes even in the field of “mama’s recipes,” and soul food – the traditional ingredients are partly substituted by healthier alternatives. Even though people want to eat (and share online) delicious, great-looking dishes, they also care about nutrition. That means fattier meat is often replaced by veggie or legumes, the usage of sugar went down and rather the brown.

Ethnic Wave

Multicultural ways are mixing the whole bunch of traditions, tastes, and appearances into one shared trend. The ethnic influence in this summer, in case of food, comes from India – Calabaza (West Indian pumpkin), Mexico – Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup), and Greek – Tiropita (egg-and-cheese dish).

In the matter of fashion, African-ish trend was established and seems to continue in the next months. Specifically, those are prints in the pattern of Monstera deliciosa, snakeskin, or zebra. Furthermore, in the world of cosmetics, Korean beauty is taking uncompromisingly over the field.

Vibes of #summer2018

As you already know, the trends and trending topics for the next months, let’s take a look at our favorite posts of last year during the summer.