Here is something you should know about video…

You probably have heard it million times over and over, but I believe repeating makes perfection, so here it is: Video is a big, big deal! To give you some numbers, billion hours of video are watched every day, every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 100 million hours are watched by Facebook users. Wow, right?

Live is a great part of Facebook video section, and according to FB data, it is still growing. It was released back in April of 2016, and within its first two years of existence more than 3,5 billion broadcasts went out. Besides that, the format struck a huge number of people; Facebook claims 2 billion people have watched Facebook Live broadcasts (it was the same number of total monthly users back in 2017!).

Go For Live

Video marketing is doing great, actually according to Vimeo, 80 % of audience prefer to watch video from a brand rather than read an article. And live video is doing even better, 82 % prefer live video from a brand to social posts. Apart from that, Facebook Live videos receive three times higher engagement than a regular one, also receive five times more than standard photo posts according to Vimeo.

Do you need more arguments for trying your first Live? No? Good, here is a step by step guide how to do it properly!

Guide For Your First Live

Facebook Live broadcasting is available to everyone – all Pages and profiles, for iOS, Android and the Facebook Creator app.

  • First things first, find the Live icon on your PC. Go to your profile and on the bar for creating a post and the second icon is a camera for start streaming Live. Tap on it.
  • Give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone or connect an external device.
  • Choose where you want to post the Live video.
  • Think of interesting text about your video, and type it in. Add a catchy title, possibly also tags or game tags.
  • You can also come up with a poll attached to your video. Create questions with up to 4 answer options. The audience will be able to answer them during broadcasting.
  • Click on Go Live and entertain your audience! Don’t forget to interact with viewers, react to comments and answer questions.
  • Click Finish to end the broadcast.

You can also broadcast from your phone. Those videos give viewers a stronger impression of authenticity and spontaneity. It is excellent for outdoor events or showing a bit of backstage in your company, meetings and so on.

The process is very similar. If you are looking for Live video icon on your phone, it is right under the bar for typing in your post. Unlike the desktop, it is possible to draw into the scene, add yourself a mask or choose between several filters.

What Happens To Live After I Finish Broadcasting?

Broadcasting on Facebook can last up to 4 hours. During broadcasting, the video will appear in News Feed and on broadcaster’s Page or profile. After you finish it and say goodbye to viewers, the video will be published to the Page or profile so that fans or friends who missed it can watch it later. But you can also remove the video any time you wish.

10 Tips For Making Live Like Pro

Try few practice videos firstly

Before you go out with your video, give a few shots only as training and try to broadcast on your profile. Make the practice video restricted just for you, and select “Only Me” before start recording.

Double check your Wi-Fi connection

You are going online, and the last thing you could wish for is a bad connection affecting the quality of your broadcast. Make sure you are in place, where the connection is stable, and you won’t lose it in the middle of the video.

Draw the attention in advance

It is obvious, yet not many people do it. Let your fans know, that there is something about to happen soon and that they definitely should see it. Prepare for example post message, image or maybe some shorter video pointing out the date and time of your Live.

💡Tip: Encourage people to turn on notification for your Page when you start broadcasting Live. Thanks to this, they will alert every time the Page go Live.

Choose the right room.

In case you are making Live outdoor, you don’t have many options to prepare the environment you are broadcasting from. Just keep in mind to have the sun shining in your face, not the other way.

You can see the difference, right? 😉
Keep the sun in your face.

On the other side, inside you should play with space as much as possible. Again, let the sun lights up your face, choose a room with the best acoustic possible and think of the background behind you. The content of the broadcasting is number one, but still, you have to keep in mind the attractive format as well.

Introduce yourself. Repetitively.

Okay, the big moment is here, and you go online. Firstly, say hello to viewers, introduce yourself and tell what is the video going to be about. But remember that not everybody starts watching you from the beginning. That’s a reason why you should do this intro several times during the broadcast to ensure everyone understands the topic.

Go long.

Once your video is on, it will be slowly getting in people’s News Feed. The more interaction you get, the better and faster it will happen. To reach more users, it’s good to make your video as long as possible (with respect to its quality!!). As I mentioned above, 4 hours is your limit.

Communicate with your audience.

This is the reason why you are doing Live – get into interaction with your fans! So don’t forget about them, keep an eye on their comments, answer questions or welcome new viewers.

💡Tip: Answer or react to the comments by addressing the specific person by name. It will make the whole broadcasting more personal.

Encourage fans to like or share.

Don’t be shy to suggest your fans for likes or sharing the video with their friends who might be maybe in it interested as well. By doing that, your fans help you spread the video to a broader audience.

Don’t worry about mistakes.

Let’s be honest; there will be mistakes or little fails on your Live journey. Everybody does some, and often it doesn’t have to be your mistake at all. Stay cool, go over it with a smile on your face. From another point of view, those moments make the video more human, kind and personal. You are not a robot; don’t worry about it.

When something goes differently than you wished, keep calm! 👆😂

In Facebook Live video the perfection doesn’t have to be your goal at all. Here is your space to go spontaneous, naturally and be yourself.

Bonus Tip: Smile!

This one is my favorite one. Referring to the previous point, wide and honest smile can fix even the biggest mistake you can do. And it always feels way much better to watch smiley than a frowny face. #truestory

I hope these tips will help you to come up with the best Live video possible. Let me know how did it go or share your own experience!

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value. ”

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