Typical are the following mistakes:they monitor just what’s going on about their products;

  • they monitor just what’s going on about their products;
  • they monitor passively, typically in the morning, they let the agency send an overview of the previous day’s references;
  • they do not join conversations – only read about themselves.

Unfortunately, it results in:

  • the conversations being joined late or not at all, and therefore their result cannot be influenced in their favor;
  • companies not being able to benefit from the weaknesses of their competition or from seasonal opportunities.

So let’s clarify it and say what the monitoring can be used for:

  • monitor what’s hot about my product;
  • what’s going on about my company;
  • what’s going on about our management;
  • business keywords;
  • hashtags of business conferences;
  • what’s hot about our competitors’ products;
  • what’s hot about our competitors‘ management;
  • typical hashtags of our competitors;
  • trending hashtags in the cloud compiled from the last X mentions of our competitors;
  • I recommend extra monitoring of visual materials (photo, video) on competition and field;
  • let’s monitor what the field influencers write (about us/ about competition) ;
  • let’s monitor what bloggers and journalists publish;
  • let’s monitor what the official accounts of our competitors, including special care accounts publish;
  • let’s monitor what our competitors’management write;
  • let’s monitor what accounts included in the group of leads write from the perspective of the possible sale of our services or products;
  • let’s monitor what the accounts of your existing customers are writing;
  • let’s monitor our employees’ accounts;
  • let’s monitor web references (articles including search term or keyword);
  • we can also track the accounts of people who are interested in us (they are active either on our site or competition sites – good or bad);
  • let’s monitor interesting public lists on Twitter.

Only then will you be able to say “I have a perfect overview of what is being discussed around us” and have a comprehensive view of the thing.