It has been impossible to miss the pride and flag filters that have become popular this year across Zuck’s site. To capitalise on this Facebook are rolling out temporary versions of profile pictures which expire and revert back to your original image. The idea behind the strategy is to provide users with more ways to reflect their current sentiments or activities for short periods of time.02_Temporary-Profile-Pic_VacationIn an effort to make the Facebook mobile app more user friendly and showcase the info you want to better, they are introducing a new customisable space at the top of the profile screen. You can choose which fields are visible, add a one line bio, and even choose up to 5 featured photos.03-Featured-Photos_CY_FinalIf you have an iPhone in the UK or California you may have these features already as they roll them out there first. If you do – send a screenshot to our Facebook Page because we’d love to see it!