Social media is HUGE, and there is an array of factors to focus on. Right content, perfect timing, user engagement, attractive photos, and whatnot?

So, how do you manage all this? Thankfully, free social media tools are here to your rescue that generate elevated flexibility, gather business intelligence, and deliver intuitive insights. 

Here is a list of the best and free social media tools you should have in your kitty. Check out!

Free Social Media Scheduling Tools

Zoomsphere Social Media Scheduler Free Trial 

Social Media Scheduler from Zoomsphere is an ultimate social media scheduling tool that takes off a burden from your shoulders and helps you schedule your posts flawlessly.

The app is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and can generate over 150 metrics. Plan your posts months and weeks in advance and the tool will take care of the rest. You can even preview your posts before scheduling to ensure that they are in line with your requirements. 

Offers a 31-day free trial


Later is a complete marketing and scheduling tool exclusively for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. With this tool, you can create a week’s worth of Instagram post in 20 minutes tops. 

The tool comes with a visual content calendar that allows you to schedule Instagram posts quickly. You can hand-design your Instagram feed by dragging and dropping your posts. 

The Later free plan is meant for individuals who can post 30 posts per month per profile, and get to manage 1 social profile per platform.

Free social media designing tools: 


With this social media designing tool, you can edit and design your social media feed. Over provides you with a list of free templates, fonts, edition tools, and graphics to help you create the perfect branding, logo, leaflet, and other content. 

There are various filters that will give your content a professional touch and elevate it from a simple personal project to a high grade, publishable content. Whether you need to make a logo or a flyer, you can use the image editor to create beautiful Instagram posts. 

Not all the content on the tool is free, you might need to pay a price to use certain templates.


Canva is one of the most famous designing tools in the market. The editor is easy to use. It has a list of templates, professional-grade photographs, graphics, boxes, lists, charts, outlines, fonts, and more. 

The tool also allows you to create attractive posters and book cover designs for lead generation purposes. The best part? Canva can be accessed on both mobile and desktop on the go.

Canva provides a range of templates, and features for free. You might need to subscribe to its paid version to explore all the advanced features.

Adobe Spark 

Shape your ideas by creating beautiful visual stories. Adobe Spark is a powerful tool that lets you create outstanding social graphics, short videos, and web pages. The social graphics tool allows you to customize your photo or text with filters and animations.

The starter plan of Adobe Spark is free, while the full version is a paid service.


PicMonkey is not just another photo editing tool. This is a powerful design software that will let you create attractive visuals to create your own ads and photos. 

The mobile app is completely free and takes your designing capabilities to an all-new level. It’s available for both iOS and Android phones.

Free to use

Free Social Media Campaign Management Tools

Google URL Builder 

Add campaign parameters to the URL to track and monitor results with the help of Google URL Builder. This campaign management tool helps you identify the marketing campaigns that are working well, and the ones that are not.

Free to use

Creator Studio 

Creator Studio is a social media campaign management platform by Facebook that helps you create, manage, and monetize Facebook and Instagram posts. The platform brings all the tools that you need to effectively manage, post, monetize, and measure content across Facebook and Instagram accounts. It helps you make the most out of available monetization opportunities. 

Track your engagement levels and respond to comments and messages directly through the platform. This tool will let you respond to all these messaged directly from your inbox. Stay aware of how your published content is performing, and the tool is free.

Free to use

Social Blade 

Social Blade is a statistics website. That means you can see the growth data of your social platforms across various sites like Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. This is a central location for all your online presence tracking. 

The tool also has a ranking feature that ranks the impact generated by a channel based on the metrics it generates like view counts, and reading time. The tool ranks channels on a scale of A+, A, A-, etc. If you have good ranks, then your channel is influential on a site.

The tool comes with a free 2-month trial pack.

Free Social Media Content Management Tools


Wistia has all the tools you need to create an attractive content campaign. Create videos that go with your brand message, increase website traffic by conducting video SEO, create new leads, and foster positivity in your business through organic growth. 

Wistia also connects and integrates with several other systems, which will make your marketing strategy strong. This tool also gives you insights into which videos are a success, which means you can release better videos next time.

The tool is free for businesses getting started.


Soapbox app is absolutely for people managers who wish to run a more productive work environment through efficient communication and meetings. Teams can be created around a single shared agenda. You can generate notes from your meetings, get feedback, and decide the next steps at the very same place. Use the chrome extension to create a video and do it all instantly.

Free to use

Zoomsphere Workflow Manager

Zoomsphere Workflow Manager helps you manage your team with perfect communication and establish a working process by designing workflows between multiple departments, and teams. 

The tool helps you organize, delegate, and execute the work within your team or different departments. You get to add an unlimited number of users and create an unlimited number of cards and panels. You can set up deadlines, and filter assignments. It also notifies you when someone comments, mentions or assigns tasks to you.

Free for 6 months

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Tweet Deck 

Tweet Deck is a social media monitoring tool for Twitter accounts that lets you view different timelines from a central interface. It lets you take control of your social media strategy. 

The tool helps you manage all of your twitter accounts from a central place, create and schedule tweets for weeks ahead, and create a collection of mentioned tweets. What’s more, it also allows you to track social media trends in real-time, so you can organize your twitter campaign effectively. 

Free to use

Google Alerts 

Google Alerts is a content change detection and monitoring service from Google. Want to know if your brand is mentioned in an article, web pages, newspaper, or scientific research? Simply, visit the tool, and set your custom alert. 

Google Alerts is a great way of staying on top of what people are searching for. Create up to 1000 different alerts through all your Gmail accounts and stay ahead of the trend. You can also stop anyone from plagiarizing your content, track what competitors are doing, and find new backlinks.

Free to use

Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Zoomsphere Social Media Analytics 

Zoomsphere Social Media Analytics is a comprehensive data analytics tool from Zoomsphere. It fetches data from blogs, and social media sites, and presents to you in a cognizable format, so you can make an informed business decision ahead of time. 

See your data in historical format over days, or weeks to compare your performance in real-time. The data is represented in an easily understandable format, you can export the reports in any format you wish. Tag your communications under separate labels to categorize what place it’s coming from.

Offers a 31-day free trial


SumAll is the collection of all your social media engagement tools. See all your analytics at a place and understand what your audience desires. Reach across the people to see your post-performance, activity, level of engagement on social media. Use the tracking tool to see your engagement data from several social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The tool acts as a central location for all the data. You can connect all your social accounts and create a connected strategy. The site design is intuitive and let’s even technologically challenged users utilize the tool to the full potential.

Free to use

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics works by giving you a block of JavaScript that you add to the header of your website. Once you have completed this part, the tool can track your pages and see what kind of requests are coming to the page, what information is being looked at, and other important aspects. Conduct a detailed analysis of all the visitors to know what is working for the website and what isn’t.

Free to use

The Wrap Up

So, these were the best social media tools you should check out? Did we miss any that you think deserves a mention here? Let us know in the comments below.