Social media monitoring is more specific than a normal Google search in that it is designed to only retrieve recent results from pinpointed sources. A great service is continually building up its database of platforms, forums and blogs that it queries. Make sure the service you choose also allows you to add your specific sources too. If you need to make sure that fashion styles in ‘Gnomes Weekly’ don’t go unnoticed then ask your software provider to add the publication to their database. (If they can’t do it, click here)

The ability to use combinations of words and searches effectively will greatly improve your monitoring and ensure no conversations are missed. You may already know some for the queries like OR and AND in a search, but there are many more to help target exactly the information you want. For example, you can search when words are within a certain range of other words. If you’re an Apple repair store you could set monitoring to find the word ‘broken’ within 10 words of the word ‘mac’ or ‘iPhone’. Click here to find out all the search queries available.

The key to great monitoring is the perfect combination of search terms – so take your time to learn them.

Why should you do it?

New Customers

Monitoring can be set to search to for specific phrases and combinations of words. You can search for those conversations where people are talking about your product or a similar one. For example, if you run an electrical business you can set your monitoring to find groups of words like – ‘does anyone know an electrician’ OR ‘my light is broken’. When results are returned you can insert yourself into the conversation and offer help!

A great monitoring service can be set to deliver results in real time so you can react quickly.


Monitoring mentions of your brand allows you to say thanks when someone says something positive. Tracking theses messages allows you to identify your key customers and reward or encourage them. Positive messages can be also be repurposed for content across multiple channels. For example, a positive comment can be shared, saved as an image and posted elsewhere, or even turned into a blog post.

Use every positive message about your brand to generate PR across ALL your social channels.

Customer Relationship Management

Social media has turned complaining about brands into a sport. Angry people love social media as a way to vent their frustration, and bad news can travel fast. Monitoring allows you to identify these conversations and react quickly. A simple monitoring for your brand or company name will deliver all mentions; you can also include words like ‘not happy’ and ‘disappointed’ to get straight to any problems.

When engaging with a frustrated customer on social media make sure you have all the facts and keep the discussion friendly and fair.

Answer Questions

A monitoring search set to find mentions of your brand name and any of the words – who, how, what, when, where, why – can help you to quickly identify any questions customers may have around your field or brand. Answering quickly is great for reputation management and growth as though leader in your industry. Again real time delivery of results allows you to comment quickly and stop any misinformation.

Don’t just answer a question on social media – use it as an opportunity to evangelise your product or service further!

Watch Your Competition

A monitoring search set to see what opponents are doing on social media is invaluable. With a few clicks you can see exactly what and how they are communicating and learn from it. Take a look at how competitor content and promotions perform, and adapt them.

Paired with analytics, monitoring can provide a strong overview of competitor behaviour across social media.

Content Curation

Monitoring can save a lot of time and funnel exactly the content that you need into one place. If you write a blog about fishing and want infographics with up to date data about fish, social media monitoring can deliver those images straight to you each time they appear on Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

A steady stream of up new, quality content means you can, learn plan and deliver more messages, better.

View Trends

Find out what people are saying about your industry and what is making news for them in blogs and forums. Simply by knowing what your customers are talking about now, can help you lead and innovate within your own industry. If you sell art supplies you might monitor artists’ forums to see how their developing interests could benefit from your service, or how your service could be altered.

Social Media Monitoring means you can keep across thousands of sources and conversations automatically.

Social media tools are a great way to implement monitoring for your brand. To try it for yourself click here.