Better visibility, stronger layout, and the whole organization always right at hand. That’s the new Workspace design that went through small but significant changes. And we are excited about them! Let us show you everything all of latest ZoomSphere news together. 

New Workspaces Menu 

Workspace is a home for all of your applications where the (magic✨) social media marketing happens. So we want to make sure it’s a place where everything goes absolutely smoothly. 

Since today you can find the list of all your Workspaces in the left panel. Here you can also easily add new ones (two plus buttons), as much as you need or want.

Create a new workspace right in the dashboard. You have two options to do so – with a plus button or click on “New workspace”. Name it, press enter to submit, and it’s done!

Besides that, we added a search field, so you can get more quickly to the desired Workspace.👇 

Type in the workspace name you are searching for.

The whole menu is perfectly designed to quickly jump from one Workspace to another. This is especially when you have a lot of Workspaces you need to manage daily. 

But don’t worry about the precious space you need for your work.  While not in use, you can hide the menu anytime. Simply move the cursor to the top right corner and scroll. 

Do you need all display space, or are you using only one Workspace? Close the panel and keep working as you are used to.

Even if you use only one Workspace, it won’t bother you here 😉

🤫 PS: The new left-side menu is not done yet. For now, we can tell you there is a lot to come and we can’t wait to show you more!

Workspace Teammates

Apart from the new menu, you can see all of the users that are a part of each Workspace anytime it’s open. 

All Workspace users are listed in the right upper corner.

Check out the right corner of your display, where we added some new icons. After clicking on the profile pictures there, ZoomSphere shows you the full list of teammates who share the Workspace. 

Even More Customizable Scheduler Preview

Our favorite updates are those that come from you, our clients, like the new Scheduler “Today” button. 

Once you click on it, ZoomSphere immediately brings you to the present day. No more needless scrolling (or remembering the date 😅). 

But that’s not all. If you take a look at the other upper corner, you can see improved icons for the Scheduler previews. They represent the viewing modes as you know them: Day – Week – Month – Compact Month – List

The “Today” button is not visible in case you can already see it in the calendar.

More Release News

All in all with the ones mentioned above, we are bringing more changes, that will make your work easier. From now on, you’ll get a notification for a new assignee in the Workflow Manager. Once you are assigned to any task, you’ll know it in an instant.