– showing people how ZoomSphere is used to post content. Our first broadcast is still available and is a little rusty, here’s what we learnt …

1. Set your videos to autosave. We know this because we didn’t do it and instantly regretted it. Saved broadcasts can be edited and shared which is great for repurposing content for upload across other platforms. Watching your broadcasts also allows the opportunity to critique it and improve.

Swipe right all the way and click the profile icon in the top right. Click settings, then toggle Autosave Broadcast on.


2. The image in the preview screen differed from what was seen in the broadcast. If you are going to set up your phone in a static position check it again once the broadcast has started.

3. Click the bird in the broadcast setup screen! This will automatically Tweet that you are broadcasting on Periscope – you want people to watch right? The other buttons are for location sharing and chat permissions.


4. Name it something cool! This has to get people in your front door so make it interesting. There is one simple test for this and it works every time – would you click on it?

Periscope is addictive, we’ll be using it more, and yes there are idiots on there already. This will be a very interesting platform to watch and holds immense potential for brands for two reasons – it is live and it is intimate.

Feel free to Follow us on Periscope by swiping all the way to the right, click the magnifying glass in the bottom right then type in ZoomSphere.com.

ZoomSphere Periscope