Once upon a time, learning new skills was reserved solely for schools, universities, and adult-learning classes. Today, though, you can participate in thousands of online courses and learn new skills that will enhance your expertise. 

Taking an online course can be helpful if you’re a social media marketer, as there are plenty of resources available in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. If you’re new to online courses, we’ve put this guide together so that you can learn new skills with confidence

Why you should take a course online

social media online courses

Up to three-quarters of the workforce want to improve their skills. If you’re currently working in the world of social media marketing, improving your skillset makes a lot of sense. The medium is always evolving, whether it’s through new sectors like influencers or the expanding set of tools available across social networks.

Staying on top of your game and quickly familiarizing yourself with new trends is essential to achieving the best results. Even if you’re new to social media, an online course can be a useful starting point that helps you gain a better understanding of how the industry works. 

Employers also benefit from their team members taking courses and enhancing their expertise. Further developing skills has been proven to increase productivity by an astonishing 200%. Bosses are essentially getting more value out of their employees while keeping them engaged. 

Tips for taking an online course

tips on online courses
  • Treat it like a real course
  • Create a study space
  • Talk to other students if you’re taking a series of online class
  • Set mini-goals throughout the course to help you keep you on track
  • Remove distractions by turning your phone off and making sure the TV isn’t on in the background
  • Be patient and see the course all the way through

Where to find online courses

The many resources online make it easy to get confused when trying to work out which course to choose. Before deciding on a course, you first need to understand the type you want to take. From online degrees to hour-long quickfire courses, there are many different ways to learn online. Some of the primary digital and social media marketing resources include:


Partnering with leading US universities, Coursera offers a range of topics that you can learn online. It offers an official certificate from an associated university for pupils who successfully complete the courses. 

Coursera social media marketing classes


One of the original online learning centers, Lynda.com has thousands of courses taught by professionals in their field. Each course takes place via an online video library that students can watch at a time that suits them. 

Lynda.com social media marketing classes


udemy online courses

Udemy has exploded in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the sheer volume of courses added each month. Courses vary in prices, with some starting as low as $10 and others costing up to $500. There’s also an option to read reviews from former students before signing up. 

Udemy social media marketing classes

Digital Marketing Institute

One of the leaders for marketing classes, the Digital Marketing Institute has a variety of courses that cater to all levels. It’s 100% online and offers the key skills required to succeed in marketing. Expect to learn about PPC, Google Ads, social media, content marketing, and SEO topics. 

Digital Marketing Institute’s online classes


The London College of Communication offers a short online course in social media marketing that’s ideal if you’re pressed for time. Get an overview of popular social media networks, see how social media marketing compares with traditional marketing, and learn how to increase engagement with your audience. By the end of the course, you should be able to sustain an attainable presence on social media. 

UAL social media marketing class


Alison offers free online courses and is an excellent resource if you want to learn new skills but don’t necessarily want to pay large sums to do it. There are different courses available, including one on how to create a social media marketing strategy for small businesses. 

Alison social media marketing classes


skillshare online courses

With Skillshare, you can participate in both free and paid-for online courses. There’s a range of options that focus on social media-related topics, from creating and implementing a strategy to classes that help you master specific platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. 

Skillshare social media marketing courses

Oxford Home Study

One of the UK’s leading providers in long-distance learning, Oxford Home Study offers a free social media marketing course designed to teach you the basics of the industry. Learn about social media marketing’s roots, how to create guidelines and which platforms you should use to reach your target audience. 

Oxford Home Study’s social media marketing course


The Chartered Institute of Marketing provides a virtual social media strategy course for anyone who wants to improve their skills. The aim is to focus your campaigns so that they appeal deeply to your target market, and catapult you ahead of the competition. The course is designed for marketers who have experience with social media but feel they can improve their skills. 

CIM’s social media strategy class


Google Digital Garage has a course aimed at teaching the fundamentals of digital marketing. There are 26 modules in the course, and Google trainers design each one to improve your knowledge in the world of digital marketing. It’s free to take, ideal for beginners, and lasts for 40 hours in total. 

Google’s digital marketing course


edX offers more than 2,500 courses from 140 institutions, several of which teach social media marketing. Whether you’re looking to discover more about the digital age, how to be a community manager, or how media became social, there’s a wealth of social media and digital marketing courses to choose from. 

edX social media marketing courses

Learning the online way

With so many courses available, learning new skills online has never been easier. And with our tips, you will be able to master online courses while learning a whole new range of skills that can better your career trajectory, whether you’re just starting out or looking to move up to the next level.