It may seem counterproductive to reduce your potential audience for a post, but targeting will actually help Facebook show your post to more people because it will look more appealing to their filtering algorithm. There are particular use cases as to why you would want to narrow your audience for particular Facebook posting too.

1. If you run a global page you may want to post in different languages to cater to a specific nationality or location.  Communicating in your audience’s native language will naturally drive their interest and engagement.

2. Use targeting to instigate conversations and elicit feedback from a specific sector of your Likers for market research. Segment your audience based on age range for example, to develop a product strategy and have a specific conversation with them.

3. Reach out to new customers based on their interests. For existing Likers this can be a great method for developing a specific marketing campaigns, or introducing a new product. Selling a flying car? Find people with an interest in the Back To The Future trilogy! Interest based targeting is great for Facebook ads too. Identify target groups with interests that reflect your ideal customer and show your ads just to them.

4. With targeting you even can set an end date for your posts to be shown in Likers’ newsfeeds. This can be handy if you are running a short campaign that you don’t want people to action – after a one-day-sale for example. Remember though the posts will still exist on your Page even after the expiry date.

To engage targeting options simply click the ‘crosshair’ icon at the bottom of the post window to bring up the ‘Select Targeting’ options.

ZoomSphere - Facebook targeting

Posts will behave slightly differently depending on the options chosen. Selecting language and/or location will only deliver your posts to the news feeds of people who have that setting in their preferences; that content will also be hidden to visitors of your page who do not have the similar setting. For all other targeting the posts will be delivered to newsfeeds of Page Likers matching the criteria and also be visible to everyone that visits your Page.

HINT: If you don’t see the target symbol you just need to turn it on. From the top right corner of your Page click ‘Settings’. In the ‘General’ tab, click ‘Edit’ beside ‘Targeting and Privacy for Posts’ and select the checkbox beside ‘Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my Page’. Click Save Changes and the target icon will now be there. (N.B. The ‘ General’ tab is only visible to Admins)

The ‘Insights’ tab at the top left of your page offers a host of statistics which can help you make decisions re targeting.

ZoomSphere - Facebook targeting

A restaurant for example may post images of their meals, using the analytics you can see which people preferred a meal  to see which ones people engage with the most. These analytics are really powerful so take the time to get to know them. See what content engages your audiences and when and use that to plan future posting and content.

ZoomSphere has targeting and insights built in so you can schedule, post and collaborate all in one workspace.