At ZoomSphere, we have spent the last 8 years building the industry-leading digital marketing tool kit, which has enabled us to secure clients including Tesco, IKEA and O2.

In this article, we discuss why marketing managers are increasingly switching to ZoomSphere from other digital marketing management products. 

Main Features 

Working with some of the most talented European software developers, we now offer a comprehensive range of apps from a single management dashboard:

  • Schedule & Publish – Manage multiple pages, profiles, and accounts across social media platforms  – communicate within your team, leave notes, or assign specific tasks to colleagues.
  • Customer Care – Never miss a single comment or mention across your social media accounts. Our community management tool connects all messages, comments, shares and mentions from all your social channels. This enables fast, organised responses.
  • Analytics – Gain deep analytics from your profiles to direct your social strategy. We have more than 150 data metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Comparisons – Insights into your business performance and your competitors. Compare your social media channels and gain an understanding of social media industry trends. 
  • Monitoring – A complex monitoring and social listening solution. Listen to what people are saying about your brand and your competitors online. Curve your marketing strategy based on what they desire – we track social media comments and also web mentions.
  • Leads Manager – We have just introduced our Leads Manager App. Just connect your Facebook or Instagram page and lead generation will become fully automated. Once a lead arrives in the dashboard you can collect and segment the lead data, allocate statuses, and assign team members to follow-up the lead.

These 6 apps make digital marketing easy. Your social media strategy becomes highly organized, customer service vastly improves, and your marketing funnel is much more efficient. 


The quality of our service and products can be demonstrated by the companies who trust us to manage their social media requirements:

  • IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, operating in 52 countries.
  • Tesco has stores across Europe and Asia. It is the third-biggest retailer in the world by gross revenues.
  • Deloitte is the number 1 professional services network. In 2019, revenues were over $46 billion.
  • Orange has 266 million customers and is the fourth largest mobile network operator in Europe.
  • E-on is an electric utility service provider that operates in over 30 countries and serves more than 33 million customers.

Pretty impressive?..

As Ogilivy PR (another one of our multinational customers) explains: “ZoomSphere helps us with managing social media for almost all our clients. We see the biggest value in its social care within the Customer Care module.”

Unlimited Access & Fast Response Times  

Some other social media management software providers have limits on the number of social  profiles and pages you can connect, while also having a per user pricing strategy.

We think this is unnecessarily complicated, which is why with ZoomSphere you can have an unlimited amount of connected accounts as well as access for all team members. Our focus is on creating a highly-organized and seamless tool with total transparency and no hidden costs.

Because the companies that we serve are often leaders in their field, we realise that they need a fast and responsive support solution, should they require further guidance. No matter what the query, our team will respond rapidly and with knowledgeable answers – everybody who works at ZoomSphere knows our products inside out!

Rest assured, ongoing customer support is a key part of the service we provide. 


The best way to see what ZoomSphere offers is to take advantage of our Free 31 Day Trial. There are no strings attached and no credit card is required

If you like what you see, we provide the option of monthly or yearly subscription plans. The yearly subscription comes with a handy 10% discount.

ZoomSphere is available on a per module or full scope (all available modules and add ons) basis. We provide customised quotes for full scope service while our per module pricing is here.