Previously, our module allowed you to view insights on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Youtube.

What you are getting.

Follower’s trend – in this section you will see the growth of your follower base on a daily basis and your current total following. Like most insights, this is essentially helpful especially when making reports to reference future growth, or the direction you want your campaign to go. How much potential followers will you get based on this trend is easier to answer with this data.

follower's trend

Organic followers vs. paid followers – this data presentation summarizes the ratio of all your followers, paid or organic. This is extra helpful especially when you are spending for acquire new followers. Are you getting enough for the paid followers vs. the organic acquisition? This data will help you answer that.

organic follower vs. paid follower

Impression – this section summarizes the growth or loss of your posts’ reach on a daily basis. Although it doesn’t highlight for what post exactly, based on the high values, you can see which posts are acquiring better mileage for you in terms of exposure or reach.


Account interaction – this data shows the numerical value of the actions taken on your posts, broken down into Clicks, Comments, Likes, and Shares. You can then reference which posts are getting more shares. Based on this, you can compare the posts that you produced and see which ones are taking the most actions.

account interaction

Individual update statistics – this section summarizes the admin posts with numerical values of actions taken on the account, likes, comments, and overall interactions. Taking the data trends above, you can reference here the dates of which posts are performing well for you.

Individual Updates Statistics

How does this help you?

Summarizing all this data for you enables you to get valuable insights for coming up with better updates or posts in the future. If for example article A is getting more shares than all your other articles, then you can expect more interactions taken for future articles that’s within the topics of article A.

Additionally, like for all other platforms, you may include LinkedIn insights in your report builder, either to summarize your overall social media accounts progress or when you are creating an online campaign.

For discussion

Currently, the LinkedIn Insights allows you to view only your owned accounts due to LinkedIn’s API limitations. Other social media platforms, like facebook for instance, allows you to get valuables insights from competitors as well. But there’s a work around, which is a more manual task. You simply have to go to your competing company’s accounts and check each of their accounts manually. This doesn’t exactly provide you an in-depth insights like growth or decrease in their accounts interactions, but this allows you to get publicly available data.

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