Česká spořitelna recognised early that there was merit in getting more active with their online presence; this led to the creation of their Digital Services Unit to focus on social media and PPC campaigns.

“When we started with social, we really wanted to make social media a care channel for clients – only later we focused on marketing”, explains Ctibor.

Česká spořitelna was one of ZoomSphere’s first clients, using the tool to simply post content to its social media platforms. With the new release of ZoomSphere, the company realised that there were more possibilities for the bank to embrace ZoomSphere’s brand management tool across multiple sectors and use cases. Ctibor spearheaded the implementation of ZoomSphere as a full service platform for online interaction and communication. He coordinates a team of 19 online customer care specialists who help clients with queries on social media and more.

Česká spořitelna - Prague.
Česká spořitelna – Prague.

The bank’s client centres in Moravia were already talking to clients on social platforms within applications natively, however this meant that there were multiple users, passwords and login locations for each social media platform. There was no real collaboration or central point of accountability. ZoomSphere provided a single platform from which staff could have conversations with customers across multiple platforms at once.

“We have saved time in being able keep track and find all our conversations with clients in one place on ZoomSphere.”

Thanks to diligent employees and ZoomSphere, Česká spořitelna has managed to be the fastest bank to respond to customers on social media in Czech Republic. Customer requests are responded to within 35 minutes providing an extremely high level of customer care.

Česká spořitelna has expanded their use of ZoomSphere beyond just customer care as an incoming communication channel. The communications department have embraced ZoomSphere’s monitoring features that allow the 30-40 strong team to keep tabs on brand mentions. It also automatically finds opportunities to evangelise Česká spořitelna online.

The security teams have found also great use for ZoomSphere in the early identification of phishing and scams. “The built in monitoring feature means we can now save on outsourcing our online monitoring and have alerts delivered straight to our desktops from ZoomSphere as they happen.” said Ctibor. By using Zoomsphere, we identified more fraud attempts on our clients.

What is important to us is that Zoomsphere can alert these situations very quickly and gives us a tool to prevent damage to our brand. Immediately after such an alert, we inform our customers and at the same time report a fake Facebook page.

With more teams using the tool within the bank, ZoomSphere’s segmentation features mean that they can all create their own modules, set permissions and work together. Its ease of use has meant quick adoption across several business units in just four months. Use of the publishing features have gone from simple post scheduling into using ZoomSphere as a full-blown project management tool.

“ZoomSphere has a strong focus on collaboration which has really enabled our teams to work as a team. They can communicate better, work quicker and see exactly what is happening.”

Česká spořitelna team getting behind the CR in their office!
Česká spořitelna team getting behind the CR in their office!

Banking is a very specific yet dynamic industry and their tools need to be the same. It is essential that tools are able to adapt to deliver goals and fit seamlessly into existing workflows. This is where ZoomSphere has been able to really act a technology partner for Česká spořitelna.

“When we need a specific feature Jakub (CEO) and his team do their best to develop and implement it as quickly as possible for us.”