If you already have an Analytics Module created to monitor a Facebook Page your manage then the data is already there! Simply click the Page Posts tab and scroll down! For our new users, click on the PLUS on your Workspace, select Analytics Module and simply connect Facebook Page/s you manage and complete the Module setup.


We have organised the Facebook Reactions data in two sections –

Posts that aroused the most emotions shows the posts which have the highest statistic for each Facebook Reaction type. This is a snapshot of which content has created the most emotional responses for the selected time period. Each post preview is also clickable to take you straight to the post on Facebook.

Facebook Reactions data ZoomSphere

Complete list of admin posts shows each post for the selected time period and the complete analytics for each Reaction. The post previews include the labels you have assigned, to see which content type is strongest, and  links to the original posts. Clicking on the reaction emoji reorders the data into ascending or descending order.

“Facebook Reactions are one of the biggest innovations for brands on social media so we delivered it to you first!”

Jakub Mach – Founder + CEO – ZoomSphere