Connect your Instagram account by going to Settings – Social Profiles & Apps, then clicking the Instagram tab.

IMPORTANT: You must be logged out of your Instagram account when connecting it to ZoomSphere!

Instagram Analytics is accessed by creating Analytics or Comparisons modules in ZoomSphere and selecting your Instagram account. All your data is available in easy to interpret graphs that can be compared side-by-side with any number of other Instagram accounts – even ones you don’t manage. And because it’s ZoomSphere you can connect and compare as many accounts as you like.

With your Instagram Analytics you can:

– Get in depth data on interactions with your posts
– Find the top tags and photo filters used by any account
– Discover their best times to post to Instagram for maximum reach
– Compare your Instagram account data with any other Instagram account
– One click reporting of Instagram data
– View your data in a variety of formats

Here’s a sample of the Instagram Analytics available:

ZoomSphere - Filters - Instagram Analytics

ZoomSphere - Tags - Instagram Analytics

ZoomSphere - Comparisons - Instagram Analytics

ZoomSphere - Best Time To Post - Instagram Analytics