Ana Multigner, the Digital Content Director for Hearst, describes how the magazine giant values their social communication, “In a world with more mobile devices than people connected, social media is the most important window for getting in contact with our followers and potential ones.” Hearst Magazines tested ZoomSphere for three months and found it to be the best solution for managing their high profile brand and legion of fans. It was important for Hearst to get the decision right otherwise it could significantly impact their ability to share and interact efficiently with their audience. ZoomSphere provided the magazine’s digital team with the ability to effectively publish and schedule their content, provide deep analytics to grow their brands, and offered a dedicated channel to manage all their incoming communication. We are thrilled to be working with Hearst and very proud that they chose to use ZoomSphere!


“After benchmarking with different tools, we found ZoomSphere the best solution in terms of product and cost balance. ZoomSphere provides us with a good solution and a great client service experience!”
Ana Multigner Hearst Magazines ZoomSphereAna Multigner
Digital Content Director – Hearst Magazines