The feature is accessed with the addition of the new Rules tab when creating either a Social Media Feed or Customer Care module.

ZoomSphere social media tool

Here you can define simple rules that perform predetermined functions when new messages come into a module. Rules have their automation defined simply using the classic “IF (this) THEN (that)” format.

There are 6 triggers that can be used to put a Rule to work:

Message.Content: The text of an incoming message.
Message.Recipient: One of the specific Facebook Pages you manage and have connected to ZoomSphere.
Message.Source: The social network that the message originated from e.g. Facebook, Twitter
Message.Type: Specifies the type of message, either an Admin Post or Tweet, comment or reply, direct message, search, user post or mention.
Message.Author.Name: Name of the author of the incoming message
Original.Post.Content: Refers to the full text of the post on which the message is responding to in the case of a comment or reply.

Here are some practical examples to help you get Rules working for you and instead of you!

1. Automatically assign a tag based on the content of the message.

ZoomSphere Rules

In the above example whenever someone sends a message with a question mark it will now be auto labeled with ‘Ask for help’. In the search field you can use words and terms as you would in the Social Media Feed module.

2. Automatically assign a message to a team member.

ZoomSphere Rules

Clicking the small plus icon allows you to add another IF or THEN, in the above case messages with a question mark will now be auto assigned to the user Chris. The result is an automatic process that delivers messages directly to the responsible team member for their attention.

3. Completely automate a workflow based on the text of the original post.

ZoomSphere Rules
With Rules, all the comments to a poll in a post can now be categorised and archived automatically. Responses can be searched for fast retrieval and analysis.

4. Messages from specific clients can now be auto assigned to the responsible member of staff.

ZoomSphere Rules

Certain staff would always need to manage particular clients so Rules can be set so they have their contact notified and and assigned automatically to speed up customer care.

5. Email alerts

ZoomSphere Rules
Rules can generate e-mail alerts automatically too. In the above example an email alert will be automatically sent to when a question is received from Facebook.

Here’s a few examples of how Rules can be harnessed to automate customer care and social media monitoring processes. Rules save teams time and ensure accountability across communication management on social media. Take a look and if you have any questions please ask so we can walk you through it!