We would like to cordially invite you to our first Twitter Chat! First and the most important topic we would like to discuss, is how social media metrics are influencing your business and listen your stories, how did they helped you to take an important business decisions. Join us, share your experiences and learn more how to effectively use metrics in social media.

#ZoomsphereChat will occur on a weekly basis where our community will have a discuss and learn from each other. The topics will range in areas from social media, content marketing, and productivity, to self-improvement. work culture, and everything you would like to know to make your digital work better!

The chat happens every Tuesday at 5 pm GMT (London)

Join in on Twitter with the #ZoomsphereChat hashtag, and respond to the questions that will go out from the @ZoomSphere Twitter.

Please find the questions below:

Q1. Do you consider social media analytics one of key factors influencing your business?

Q2. Did you ever made an important business decision backed with analytical data from social media?

Q3. How would you use a possibility to compare data about social media channels of your competitors to data from yours?

Q4. Can you name any examples of tools you use that present the data they collect in a bright and readable way?

Q5. What would be your dream analytics feature in case of measuring social media?

Q6. What is your current analytical tool? Are you satisfied with using it?

We’re happy to see you there!