ZoomSphere’s platform is currently supported by seven powerful tools that we call modules: Analytics, Comparisons, Publisher, RSS Feed, Social Media Feed, Customer Care and Report Builder.

Before you can use the Analytics Module, you need to set up and connect social media accounts you administer.

  1. Select Menu from your dashboard.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Under Social Profiles & Apps, enter your social media accounts details
  4. The current supported social media accounts are Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.



The analytics module is a summary overview of your business’ and external (competitors’) social media account profiles. The champion keyword here is your competitors’ profiles. In this module, you have access to the following metrics: Fans, Fans’ Change, Admin Posts, Interactions, Likes, Comments, Shares.

Setting Up

analytics module

  1. Select + New Module from your dashboard.
  2. When new window pops up, “Module Type: Analytics” should be default. No need to change.
  3. Under Basic Info, set your Module Name, Dashboard Label, and Icons for ease of access.
    1. Your Module Name may be specified as the type of Module or purpose of the module. For example, Competitors Analytics. Or it can also be regional such as Europe Analytics if you intend to segregate regional data.
    2. Your Dashboard Label is ideally the group or industry your setting up analytics for. For example, you’re setting up Analytics for a group of Gadgets Ecommerce including your business. (Tip: It is essential to organize your naming convention early on for ease of access in the future.)
  4. Under Connected Profiles Tab, select the connected profiles you administer.
  5. Under External Profiles, enter the links of social media accounts you want to connect. These are your competitors or profiles you want to closely monitor.

Usage and Importance

leader board

The Analytics Module provides you with a Leader Board that packs summarized, powerful insights about your profile’s and competitor’s growth. More metrics are available if you click “>”. You may also Click “MORE>>” for more detailed insights such as Page Fans by Like Source, Page Fans Online. For example, you want to improve your posts’ exposure, you may refer to the best time your fans are online to get the best engagement for your content. Additionally, all this information can be included in your “Report Builder” for presentations or future projections.

analytics module page fans online

Added Analytics Features

For pages you administer, you are provided additional information tabs when you click on “MORE>>” beside your page name in the Leader Board. The tabs are the following:

  1. Page Users and Fans
  2. Page Reach and Impressions
  3. Page Engagement
  4. Page Posts
  5. Page Stories and PTAT (People Talking About This)

Graph Functions

  1. Reports – Click 10-22-2016 10-43-45 PM on at the top right corner to send your graph to the Reports Builder. New window will apear to select for which report and date range.
  2. Graphs – Click on 10-22-2016 9-51-30 PM at the top right corner to choose your preferred graph: pie, line, or columns.
  3. Download – Click on Menu at the top right corner to download the graph. Filetypes available are PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, or CSV.
  4. Zoom – you are able to zoom in and out of each graph by left clicking your mouse on the graph and dragging to the right. This allows you view desired period of time. A “Reset Zoom” button will appear for resetting the graph.
  5. Metrics – You can add/remove metrics or legends from showing in the graph if you click them from the chart table.

What do you think about our Analytics Module? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback!