Today we released a brand new module to ZoomSphere – Customer Care.  As a brand management tool we understand the importance of managing customers effectively across social media platforms. Social media is becoming the preferred way for customers to communicate with brands because it is convenient and fast. With increased traffic on these channels it’s essential that the messages be responsibly managed. The new Customer Care module allows teams to effectively and efficiently deal with all sorts of messages, comments, and replies, from all their platforms – in one place.

Features include:

• Messages can be assigned to team members
• Full message histories available in a single feed
• Contact cards are automatically created for each incoming messenger
• Messages can be labeled and tagged for easy segmentation
• Messages and conversations can be archived
• Full search functionality

Customer Care is accessed from the drop down box when creating a new module, with details added and desired profiles connected as normal. We have kept the intuitive style throughout this module so all features are easily identified and accessed – usually with one click. This is a major addition to the platform and the whole team is excited about the release. We’d love your feedback so please send us a message if you have any questions or would like a demo.